Tuesday, November 24, 2009

This Totally Rules

Seriously, this is awesome. If you're tired of seeing Ohio State blow it in the BCS year and year, throw some spare change in this group's direction.

Also, the Sporting News is reporting that the BCS has hired Ari Fleischer to defend its image, apparently predicting that there'll be an uproar after Iowa and Oklahoma State are picked to play in the BCS over an undefeated Boise State. Hey, BCS, the only reason anyone thinks Fleischer is competent is because he was followed in his job by Scott McClellan. I think 90% of the world's employees would look extra-competent in hindsight if they were replaced by Scott McClellan. Also, Fleischer was the guy the Packers hired to "manage" the Favre retirement/unretirement debacle 16 months ago. How'd the Packers look coming out of that one? Hmmm, not a ringing endorsement. Seriously, how does this guy keep getting work.

Predictably, Fleischer's first comments on behalf of the BCS didn't defend the current ridiculous system, but rather criticized playoff proponents for not having a coherent alternative. Hey Fleischer, the fact that there are a bunch of good playoff options doesn't mean that the BCS doesn't suck. Continuing your dishonest BS, even off the White House podium. Booo Bush apparatchiks.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Favre can play for whoever he wants. But I don't have to like it. And if I had been there last Sunday I would have boo'd loudly. He gets to have fun playing, and I get to have fun rooting. And accepting him in a vikings helmet is not fun for me. So, eat shit hillbilly. We can talk about what you did for Wisconsin after you're finished undoing it. We are talking about the vikings. I have rules.
One thing was very apparent to me on Sunday afternoon; Brett Favre could not be happier playing for the vikings. He hasn't been this focused since the 90's (except for the 4-12 season when he was trying to get Antonio Chatman to the probowl). He's found Jesus. Purple Jesus. He wants to win. Maybe he even pays attention watching film this year. Or maybe it just looks like that because he's not throwing up interceptions like they're punts. You don't have to when you aren't your teams best player. He's enjoying himself and trying, at the same time. Too bad he had to play us to do that.
He sure is enjoying making us watch it though; waving off the incompletion that Greg Jennings barely got one hand on; saying that this 7-1 viking team (that needed a missed field goal and a hail mary to win two home games) is more talented than the 96-97 Packers; it's all a bit enthusiastic. Especially the comments about the Reggie White-led World Champion 1997 Green Bay Packers. It sounds needy. Favre trying to pump his teammates up at the expense of the one team too good to let him lose. Be quiet.
The media here in LA hammered Packer fans for booing. "Classless". Which is rich, coming from grown men that scream about college football 80% of the time. They love to talk about what Favre did for the Packers. So do I. They don't talk about what the Packers did for Brett Favre. First, Ron Wolf got him out of Jerry Glanville's basement. He was a drunk punk hick and the Packers gave him the softest landing in the league. Then they had a hall of fame receiver carry him for four years; then they kept him well protected the whole time he was a Packer; and somewhere in there they signed Reggie White to help him win a Superbowl, but of course, he wouldn't start for these 09' Vikings.
Maybe this is revenge for the yahoos that crashed his dad's funeral like it was a tailgate party. Maybe he was put out playing for the Packers.
This is bullshit.
I didn't realize until Sunday, that Favre really did want out of Green Bay. He definitely wanted to play for the Vikings, and what really bothers me is how he's pretending like he had no choice. He retired before the draft. That was his decision; let the Packers draft knowing that he would come back and they would have to cut him loose. Then it could be Thompson's fault that he had to go play for the Vikings so that when he fails, he can come crawling back to his championship legacy without having to admit that he really cared way more about winning a championship than alienating the people that supported him through alcohol, vicodin, life, death, playoff disasters, and the most interceptions in the history of the league. What competitor wouldn't?
Only, Thompson stuck him with the Jets for a year. Thank god. And he stuck us with Aaron Rodgers. Who currently has 16 tds and 2 interceptions (!). And a rushing touchdown. Last year he threw 12 interceptions. Favre did that in 2 playoff games. I totally understand him wanting to beat us, but he could've toned it down a bit. And I wont listen to any asshole tell me that I shouldn't hate watching it. We have rivals to hate them. It's almost as fun hating them as it is rooting for our team. He can never take my hatred away. Fuck that. He'll never be that good. Ever.
I was totally ok with Favre going to the Vikings. I kind of wanted it. Just for the spectacle of it. And I also felt that Favre had earned the right to get paid 12 million dollars to do what he loves to do. Wherever he wanted. Honestly I didn't think he would sweep us. I thought we'd be better than this.
If he wins a Superbowl with the Vikings, he's dead to me.

Monday, November 02, 2009

It's the Players, Stupid

Let's be frank. Childress may have some awful personal grooming, and definitely needs someone to take him aside and tell him not to wear polo shirts that highlight his man-boobs. (McCarthy, whose own rack is likely far more prodigious, has the good sense to wear nylon jackets.) But for all the fun that's been made of Childress, the coaching between the two teams is basically a draw, even with Capers at the defensive helm. Childress may not take advantage of the most obvious gimmie in football (Peterson on short-distances behind Hutchinson and McKinnie) as often as he should, but McCarthy keeps letting Rodgers take 7-step drops with two neophyte tackles and has allowed his team to become utterly penalty-ridden. Who's dumber? I can't tell.

Given the draw in equally-dunderheaded coaches, the difference between the Vikings and the Packers is personnel. Namely, the Vikings are on a ridiculous hot streak in player acquisition, especially compared to the Packers.

Consider the Vikings' hit list. First, the draftees: Harvin (1st rd. 2009), Loadholt (2nd rd. 2009), J. Allen (acquired for 2008's 1 and 2), Peterson (1st rd. 2007), Rice (2nd rd. 2007), Greenway (1st rd. 2006). Peterson is a superstar, maybe the best player in the league, certainly the best back. Favre has turned Rice into an All-Pro wideout. Harvin may be the best returner in the game. Loadholt stoned Aaron Kampman twice now, as a rookie. Greenway is a well-above average starter. Jared Allen is simply a great pass rushing right end and is in the prime of his career. He's at a much higher level than Kampman. And even the year they traded for Allen, they found two other starters in late rounds that year. They haven't had a "bad draft" since 2005.

And in the years' prior to current GM Rick Spielman (Chris's brother) taking over, the Vikings made some excellent free agent signings-- notably Pat Williams and Antonio Winfield, and, of course, Steve Hutchinson, who even though he's fading this season, is still the best guard in the division, at the least.

Plus, they've held onto prior draft hits, like E.J. Henderson, Bryant McKinnie, and Kevin Williams, and managed to get some adequate starters out of random picks, like starting safety Tyrell Johnson, and starting center John Sullivan (who has replaced former Pro Bowl Center Matt Birk without a hitch). And, of course, getting Favre at no cost took their offense to an entirely higher level.

Now compare the Packers. No impact free agents since Woodson and Pickett several years ago. Chillar is pretty good, but not great. So the drafts have needed to produce excellent players. But, until Matthews this season, Thompson's five drafts have produced exactly two above-average players-- Rodgers and Jennings. Take a look at the other high picks: 2006-- Hawk, Colledge; 2007-- Justin Harrell, Brandon Jackson; 2008-- Jordy Nelson, Brian Brohm, and Pat Lee. Ooof. Not one even one "solid starter" in that bunch. The Vikings kicked the Packers' asses in those drafts.

This is why you saw what you did on the field last night. The Vikings are simply, top to bottom, a better team. Favre is the cherry on top of the sundae. Thompson's been excellent at improving the team's depth, no doubt, and a disproportionate number of discarded Thompson draft picks have found places in the league (like Hunter Hillenmeyer, Aaron Rouse, David Clowney, Tony Moll, and Dave Tollefson). But he just hasn't found many top of the line players. He needs to do better.