Thursday, October 29, 2009

D Day

The one decision Ted Thompson made that I still can't get over was the one to not give up a 3rd round draft choice for Randy Moss. We would have won a superbowl. Certainly. That is a serious black eye on his record, due to the way Randy Moss has continued to "tear up the N F L" since then. In Thompson's defense, Moss was awful for the Raiders with recurring hamstring issues, and Greg Jennings emerged the following season as an absolute star receiver. But it would have been glorious. I would have bought a jersey.
As far as Thompson's decision to transition to Aaron Rodgers following Favre's retirement and unretirement, he has my unending support and gratitude. Aaron Rodgers is playing unbelievable football right now. In the last three games he's completed 70 of 94 passes for 9 tds and 2 ints. And he gets the crap beat out of him. I could not be more excited to watch this guy run our offense for the next 10 years. Favre is my favorite player ever, but in all honesty, who's to say he'd have anywhere near this level of desire and passion if TT had just left him in there to go through the motions with the Packers. For everyone who says the Packers abandoned him, may I suggest that he was kind of done with the Packers. Would you imagine he would've made it through last year healthy with us? Either way he would have retired. Hurt or healthy. Him being 'wronged' by management is exactly what had to happen. In his mind, I'm sure its the reason he got hurt, and all the justification he needs to come back from the injury to play for the vikings. If he hadn't been treated so poorly by the Packers he wouldn't have gotten hurt and he wouldn't have had to play for the vikings. I'm sure. I guarantee he fantasized about handing the ball off to Adrian Peterson before he retired. Sometime right around when he lost the feeling in his face as he realized it was on him to win the NFC championship and take the Packers back to the superbowl.
Fine. Good for him. But all this talk about who was at fault is ridiculous. The way it went down was a gift to both sides. And by both sides I mean just Brett Favre. Favre needed this. If TT hadn't locked the door behind him, Brett wouldn't be 6-1 right now. He wouldn't still be being the ultimate legend's legend. He'd be rehabbing from shoulder surgery and we'd be blaming our offensive lines terrible play on the inexperienced Aaron Rodgers.
I'll feel good if the crowd cheers him on sunday. I'll also feel good if they boo him mercilessly. He brought a lot of money into the state. That's kind of a bottom line deal. You have to applaud that and you have to applaud his dependability and level of play. It's undeniably legendary. But if he gets to have fun playing, then I get to have fun rooting. That's what it's all about right? It's why we love to watch right? Well right now I'm having alot of fun hating Brett Favre. And I will continue to hate him until he stops wearing that awful uniform. I hated the vikings long before I idolized Brett Favre. So get body-slammed on your hillbilly face, old man. I'm sure you understand. Love ya'.
As far as the actual game goes on sunday, our defense looks to finally be in place. I think its good. Really good. And not just because they put up consistent fantasy points (sacks/turnovers/touchdowns). But it helps.
I think Clay Matthews is a stud. He also happens to have been chosen with the pick we traded the pick we traded Brett Favre for if I'm not correct. Our line play is solid (Johnny Jolly is having a probowl season) and our secondary sits and waits. Patient. Calm. honestly I'm anticipating a season defining performance out of a talented, well coached, well built defense. They've looked good against awful teams, but the defense has been new. The last 2 weeks they've given up 3 points. Its the NFL. Sooo. I understand it was cleveland and detroit, but I'm still excited. I think we win and I think our defense wins it for us. 2 picks, 3 sacks, 20 points. Pack wins. And covers. 27-20.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

17 Point Dogs


I am appalled and dismayed. It's not that Vegas knows anything, its that Nobody is betting the Badgers at +15. This is unbelievable.

I've been all over the internets this week, gathering reports. The main theme is that the Badgers are a running team and the Buckeyes are great at stopping the run. I'm happy about this. They don't believe we can throw. Let's go to the air early.

Let's have our Defense get after them. We rotate 5 ends and 4 DTs. Then we can bring Borland as a rush end late. Hopefully we can contain the running Terrelle Pryor.

Let's go get this Big Ten.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Bruising the Buckeyes

The Badgers are a physical group, and the coaching staff continues to bring in big, strong athletic players. Anybody else get the feeling that Wisconsin plays some serious ball upfront? The Buckeyes sure do. Apparently, from their point of view we gave them there most intense physical battle last year. Expect more of the same on Saturday.

Also, note the goodies at the end. The Buckeyes might be down a few big uglies this weekend, including at the LT and DT spots.

Bucky Heads to the Horseshoe

So the Badgers are 5-0. They are heading into a battle against Ohio State for a game, which (collect yourself) is for the lead in the BigTen. If the Badgers win this game, they are well-positioned to LEAD the BigTen.

The best part is, this Ohio State team is beatable. We can matchup with this version of the Ohio State EchoChamberHeads.

Our D-line is coming together and we have a rotation. A D-line rotation. It's so nice to have one of those. By now, Badger fans are on to JJ Watt, and they should be recognizing the standout year from O'Brien Schofield. But how about Nzegwu? That kid can run, and he looks like a DE.

Our O-line appeared to come together running the ball. This could be due to some continuity forming, but it could also be that we just know how to put the Gophers in the mindtrap and run all over them. I LOVE to see us run the ball so forcefully. We run 6 plays in a row, and then all of a sudden guys on the other team don't wanna get up from the turf and its injury timeout time. Old school Badgers bodying people.

This leads us to the RB position. Clay needs to get worked into a game. He gets stronger as the game goes on. SO we obviuosly need a #2. Zach Brown has been a disappointment, and his terrible fumble PLUS his terrible "challenge that! I was down!" when he was clearly lying. I didn't need to see the replay to know he was lying. I knew when they showed the replay it would show a fumble and it did. Not even that close. Bottom line, when you fumble in a huge situation you take ownership of it, you don't act like a child. Zach acted poorly and I am convinced it impacted his oncoming demotion.

So this leads us to the enjoyably named Montee Ball. Montee will get his shot on the BIG stage this Saturday. Hopefully he can relax on his way to the hole, allowing him to use his gifts on the way out of the hole. In his few carries against Minny, he was nervous and it shrunk his vision.

I hope we continue to throw it around in the first quarter. I love throwing early and pounding them late. Also, Ohio State does not fuck around with the schemes. They have routinely challenged us with 8 and 9 in the box. After 5 games of film on us, maybe they believe in our passing attack, but probably not. Let's throw it early and run it late. We can push them around man on man, I have seen it before.

McFadden and St. Jean are not great tacklers, its noticeable. We Need them to tackle better against Terrelle Pryor. If we can contain Pryor on 3rd down, I like our chances on defense.

So the BigTen title is on the line on Saturday. Get your game face on Badger fans! Let's Go!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

After 10 hours of reflection

- Favre is a self-obsessed douche. Even NPR gave him a twenty-second quote, in which he rhapsodized about how he went to church and prayed before the game. Now, after years of philandering, boozing, drugging, and being a spoiled ass, he's found God. Give me a flippin' break.

- Vikings fans-- I highly doubt he'll last the season, although Sage Jacksonfelds would have looked great with that much protection.

- If the teams' switch offensive lines, the Packers dominate that game.

- The Vikings have a top-ten left tackle in McKinnie, and a top-five left guard in Hutchinson. All of their other guys are either rookies or replacement level guys. But the Packers couldn't get any pressure, even when operating against the weak side of the Vikings' line. This shows that coaching matters. Maybe if you just switched the teams' offensive line coaches, the Packers win. The Vikings have Jim Hueber, who was Wisconsin's offensive line coach for a decade, from 1995 to 2005. Think of all the great linemen he produced. At least three first-round draft picks (Gibson, McIntosh, Thomas). Hueber has almost 40 years of coaching experience. Compare that to James Campen, who was a solid player, but has very little experience, and was coaching at a high school four years ago. Ridiculous. (Hat tip-- Bob McGinn in a recent Packer Insider article.)

- As Randy mentioned, Rodgers held onto the ball far too long, far too many times. He should have run more. He generally seems to be holding the ball too long when the Packers are running limited patterns and holding guys back to pass protect. Thus, there aren't a lot of options down the field, and he waits, hoping someone's going to get open. Just run for a few yards or throw the ball away. (I wonder if after last game, McCarthy tried to talk him out of running so much.) He needs to get a clock in his head.

- I think Rodgers has been sacked more in the past four games than Favre was for the entirety of the 2007 season. What's the NFL record for sacks allowed through four games? Seriously, the Packers have got to be close.

- Rushing the passer, for both sides, that's what it came down to. Favre was able to convert a ton of third downs because he had all day. The offense was in fits and starts because Rodgers either had no time or nobody open. Ugh. Thank goodness the bye is here.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Quick Post-Debacle Thoughts

- Sorry, James Campen. You need to be fired. Like three weeks ago.

- Generally excellent run defense. But where the hell did the blitzes go? When they were called they went nowhere.

- Nick Barnett is awful on essentially every pass play.

- I predict Colledge will be okay. Just looked like a bad banging of the knee.

- However, I predict Will Blackmon is done for the year.

- Will Blackmon's injury problems are actually a good example of the problem of overrelying on young players-- you don't know which ones are durable enough to make it in the league. Blackmon has proven that he isn't. I think this may be a career-ender for him. Sad, because he was a fine punt-returner.

- Woodson was robbed. If that play stands, how much different is the game? If the Packers convert from the 1, how much different is the game?

- With the penalties (esp. Woodson's and Kuhn's non-existent hold) didn't it feel like the fix was in?

- Muffed punt aside, Jordy Nelson looks good. Jermichael is jerkick-ass.

- Clifton will come back after the bye. I predict Colledge will as well. I hope James Campen doesn't come with them.

- Now I know why every other NFL fan hates Favre. I am no longer apathetic. Boo forever until he apologizes for not retiring.

US AGAINST THE WORLD running commentary

PREGAME: Steve Young picked us. Only clown on the countdown. Much better that way.

Also, love the state by state percentage map of where thinks who's gonna win.
Wisconsin was the only red state. We were the only republicans. Call me John Boehner.

side note - we're all for pink, but does it have to be hot pink? yes. I think it does. Nice shoes.

Colledge made a half an effort. I suppose the play call was a quick pass and Rodge didn't like what he saw. Too bad. We might not move the ball like that again. Looked good early.

I've never said this, but your forehead is enormous.

Its a Jermichael party up in here. Say it Loud!

Is perfect for outdoor hockey. Awful for football. Perfect for outdoor hockey.


Is playing probowl football. Every week.

We spoke too soon. 3 in a row ending in a touchdown. Yikes. That's not beatable.

Is making plays whenever I see him. Huge heady play. 14 is alot of points. We continue to be in a position to win this game.
3rd down conversions are still a problem. Favre is focused.


Favre wants it. And I still don't know exactly why we cut Aaron Rouse.

Holding penalty. Didn't get to see it, but the Packers continue to be highly penalized. The PI on Woodson earlier was gross. And you can't call taunting in this game.

John Gruden Fellating Jared Allen.

Please kick the field goal. Our defense is scoring points. Give Favre a reason to choke. KEEP HOPE ALIVE !!!!

Has got to THROW. THE. BALL. AWAY. At this point he has to start taking as much credit as the offensive line for sacks. They aren't giving him much time, but the time they are giving him is consistent. He is showing very poor awareness.

Dusted of the Viking fight song. Didn't know there was one. Cheerleaders in the endzone. This is a victory party viking parade and brett Faver is the drum major. Its gonna be hard to forget this.

We went 95 yards for a touchdown in the fourth quarter. Take more care of the ball and score when you get the cance. This game is dead even. Adrian Peterson has 55 yards with 3:10 left in the game. COME ON COACHING STAFF!! I MEAN GOOD WORK COACHING STAFF!!

8 Sacks. WTF. I thought we had paid professionals on our team.

Stuart Scott. Which eye is glass?

1 Score game. 1 minute to go. Get u this ONSIDE

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Imagine if...

So this weekend is the Minnesota-Wisconsin football showdown on both the amateur and professional levels. In both instances, the games occur on the Western side of the Mississippi. In both instances, the home teams are breaking out a shiny new bauble that they are certain will propel them to victory over their hated rivals. In the Gophers' case, it's their brand new (minature) stadium. And maybe those repellent all golden uniforms that show the sweat stains so nicely. In the Queens' case, well, it's the tarnished, dated, but still shiny penny that is Brett Favre (pronounced like Ben Stiller says it in "There's Something About Mary"). Vegas certainly values these new playthings, as it favors the home teams by about the same margin (Vikings by 3.5 and Gophers by 3).

The blunt truth is, that's probably right. A neutral third-party would likely say that the Gophers rely on their passing game (and the crotch-puncher) to win a close one in an emotional game to take back the axe for the first time in several years. That same "reasonable man" would note that the Packers haven't played a complete game this season, can't really run the ball or pass protect, are missing their left tackle, and made Cedric Benson look like a superstar two weeks ago in concluding that the Vikes will likely take this round. Maybe by more than the line.

Knowing this, let's approach this football weekend (that includes Monday night) with an open mind. If the Wisconsin teams lose, really, so what, it's expected. The tide is turning on the Northeastern prairie. The past is prolouge and all that. This is what Minnesota is telling itself. So if they sweep, expect some crowing come Tuesday, but don't be downtrodden. A sweep is what the genius odds-makers are predicting.

For now, instead, think about the other option. Given these shiny new toys that have finally addressed each team's most deep-seeded excuses, imagine if they fail. Oh boy. If the long-sought, on-campus, outdoor, non-Metrodome stadium doesn't lead to axe reclamation. If the HOF-bound, grizzly-bear quarterback doesn't cure all your football team's ills. A reverse sweep. A Minnesota flop of epic proportions. That idea is just so delicious, I could chew on it all day. Of course, it probably won't come to fruition, but it is a tasty treat to imagine while we wait out the next 45 hours. Hoooo, nelly.