Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Theory

So. Before the '07 football season, you know, the season where Favre played like a rock star (except for any game with inclement weather), and was runner-up in the NFL MVP voting (only because one smart ass sportswriter decided to protest the deserved Tom Brady unanimity), he apparently spent the off-season working with a personal trainer. I believe this was a personal trainer the Packers paid for, whom they sent down to Mississippi to live with Favre and hound him on a daily basis. Allegedly, he then came into training camp "in the best shape of his life."

Then, before the '08 season, he seemed to spend most of his free time sending vague texts to Peter King and Chris Mortenson, and then occasionally worked out with a local high school team. He then played decently before getting injured and stinking up the joint the back third of the season, blowing the Jets' playoff chances.

And now, before the '09 season, the one where he wants to, allegedly, sign with the Vikings, make them into legitimate Super Bowl contenders, and shove his Peter Panology down Ted Thompson's throat ("Hey, Ted: Fame! I'm gonna live forever!"), he's . . . occasionally working out with a local high school team again. In cargo shorts. And he's another year older, and coming off shoulder surgery. On his throwing arm. Hmmm . . .


Papa Sal said...

How bored is the media when the lead story from the AP is Favre telling us that he is "running out of time"? There's a revelation.

Which would be harder for Brett's gargantuan ego: admitting he isn't ready on July 30 or coming back and being benched for Tavaris Jackson when he can't throw deep and CBs just sit on his underneath routes?

Mr.Man said...

This story is further proof that baseball and golf are, in fact, boring as all hell. Football and basketball, son. Football and basketball.

Anyhow, I think he'll be able to throw it deep. I just don't think he'll be able to hold up for an entire season, not when getting driven into the terrible turf of the Metrodome, and trying to hide behind a line with a bunch of rookies and replacement level starters from center to right tackle. You can only run so many playaction passes off of Peterson.