Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Reason the Vikings (and their fans) Suck #43872

How is it possible that the Vikings hadn't sold all of their season tickets already? AP isn't enough for 'Queens fans? That franchise should hang its head in shame.

I've noticed nobody has rushed to post in re Captain Narcissus. I was going to, then I reread Mr. Man's post from 7/29 and realized that there was nothing more to add. Nothing has changed except it's August, not November. Even the media can't get excited this time. They seem to be doing their due diligence, but certainly aren't going crazy.

Question: Was there a game of significance (i.e. close playoff game) after the Super Bowls in which Brett didn't throw a pick that changed the course of the game? I can't think of one.


Randy Moss said...

the seahawks game in the snow.

the niners game @ lambeau where mckenzie tipped the interception to tyrone williams.

thats it though.

Mr.Man said...

But the Seahawks snow game wasn't close. What about that OT game against the Seahawks where Hatt Masslefront exclaimed that "we want the ball and we're gonna score!" and then Al Harris intercepted an out pattern and ran it back for the winning touchdown? I can't remember what Favre did in that game.

I do recall that he followed that up with the embarrassing 4th and 26 overtime performance. And the year or two before was his 6 interception game against the Rams.

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