Monday, January 25, 2010

Ask, and ye shall receive

Observations from a thoroughly entertaining NFC Championship Game:
  • I had found my animosity towards Brent fading over the course of the season, but that pre-game interview with Pam Oliver put me back over the edge. If you missed it I will summarize: This is my best season ever, this is the best team I have ever been a part of, all I care about is winning, I don't try to force things anymore, this is the most fun I have ever had. Translation: "My one year with MN is better and more fun than 16 years with the Packers. Eat it Green Bay." What an ass.
  • I said out loud that I hoped they broke his leg, when I thought it happened for real I realized I didn't mean it. I enjoyed every single time the hit him though.
  • When my wife told me it was my fault that he got hurt, because I wished it upon him, I didn't feel guilty. Not even a little.
  • When he was able to hobble off the field, I knew he would be back for the next series. He may be an arrogant narcissist, but he's the biggest bad-ass in football.
  • I was prepared to be devastated when the Saints punted with 2:30 left in the game, prepared for the old Brett to be gone for real. And then the true Brett magically reappeared.
  • It was a perfect ending. Sporting justice at it's best. Vikings fans wanted Brett so bad, they loved him this year like we used to, but they got all of the good Brett and none of the bad. It was too good to be true. If you want Brett you deserve all of him, heartbreaking playoff picks and all.

If Brett comes back next year, it will be curious to see if he still gets the same love from Minnie. It won't be the same as this year. He will be trying to prove something again, forcing throws, ignoring his coach. Minnie fans are much more fickle (almost had a blacked out play-off game last year). Maybe he will stall long enough to let the Vikings think he will come back, and then actually retire and they are stuck with Tavaris Jackson again. That would be perfect.


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