Friday, November 03, 2006

Portentous Previews

You may have noticed that I'm loathe to comment on games before they occur. This is because I am a silly superstitious man. When I'm at the game, I try altering the various things I shout based on their success. For example, when I shout something non-team specific, like "come on defense!" my teams are generally less successful than when I shout something specific to my team, like "Lets go Pack!" or "Here we go, Badgers!" When I'm watching at home, I switch up my outfits based on the game's momentum-- beanies to baseball caps, putting on/taking off various layers of my all red sweatsuit-- things like that. Given my pre-existing level of paranoia, you can see why I tend to stay mute about the game, especially silencing any impulse to mock the opposing team, which could lead to some weird "My Name is Earl" karma incidents.
What I have decided to do, however, is to serve as a medium to other people's commentary. So below, you'll find a bunch of links to previews of the Badgers/Penn State game. I'll try to have some previews of the Packers/Bills game up tonight or tomorrow as well.
In other news, I will hopefully attend the UW men's basketball home exhibition opener, against UW-Stout, tonight. Did you know UW-Stout was not located in a town called Stout, but rather in Menomonie, which is quite close to the Twin Cities (closer than Eau Claire)? Fascinating. My hope is to see Trevon Hughes dunk. Reports will be forthcoming.
PSU/UW Football Previews:
CBS Sportsline Preview
Centre Daily Times (State College, PA Daily Newspaper) Preview
(Lame) ESPN Preview
College Football News Preview


Sal said...

I think that all of the Wisconsin state schools should change their name to have nothing to do with the city it is in, but rather a style of beer (i.e. Stout). Really, would you rather go to UW La Crosse or UW Pale Ale. The possibilities are endless.

Anonymous said...

UW-Stout is named after our founder James Huff Stout, not the beer.

Sal said...

I'm aware that UW-Stout wasn't named after a beer. That doesn't change the fact that the UW state schools should be named after beers. C'mon man.

Mr.Man said...

UW-Stout sounds way better than UW-Lager. I like the idea of a UW-Pilsner, though. There should be a push for a campus in New Glarus.

Anonymous said...

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