Monday, December 04, 2006

J-E-T-S box score

The Jets have a first year head coach. The Jets have recently retired one of the most prolific tailbacks in NFL history. The Jets starting quarterback had surgery on his rotator cuff in the off season. The Jets are a team facing adversity. I mean... they didn't lose their backup QB for the rest of the season with a broken foot or anything, but they are dealing with some difficult circumstances.

How do we get blown apart at home vs. the Jets?! I don't care if we were starting Sage Rosenfels and Lamar Smith, we aren't the Dolphins, we don't get blown up by the Jets at home! We should at least be able to grind out a punt fest.

i didn't watch the game. But i can tell you exactly what happened.

Jets kick. Packers return to the 24.

Packer ball- 1 yd run. Incomplete pass. Fumbled exchange. Jets recover.

Jets ball- 12 yd run. 2 yd. run. 8 yd pass. 2 yd TD run Leon Barlow.

Jets kick. Packers return to the 36 (YAY!)

Packer ball- Interception @ GB 48.

jets ball- 12 yd run. 2 yd run. 8 yd pass. 8 yd run. 18 yd TD pass Santana Moss.

Packers Kick. Packers fumble kick. Jets recover.

Jets ball- 9 yd run. four 10 yd runs. fumble. GB recovers.

Packer ball- interception returned for TD

Jets Kick- Packers return to 29 yd line.

Packer ball- 29 yd reverse D. Driver. 19 yd pass (Driver). Driver donates $50,000 to fight AIDS. Ahman Green Fumbles at the NY 21.

Jets ball- Run. Pass, pass, pass, HB option, Lavernious Coles touchdown. Fakes lambeau leap. Gets Boo'd.

Jets Kick- Field goal is good.


Mike McCarthy interviews Bonnie Bernstein for the defensive coordinator position. Kidding, Bernstein interviews McCarthy about how far apart his eyes are. Kidding, they'd never stick Bernstein with this game.
McCarthy yells at players.

Packers Kick- Jets return to NY 35. run, run, run. TD Ke'van Washington.

Favre plays 500 'till his arm hurts. Driver catches a bomb. Jets catch the rest. i guess we kicked a field goal.

Game Over

We suck.

Blog Over

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