Saturday, December 16, 2006

We Better Not Storm the Court

Yes, i'm jinxing the game, but I don't care. This is bigger than that.
No fans of a team in the top 10 (top 25 really) should be storming the court when they beat someone at home that isn't ranked #1. And even then, it should be a pivotal game in their season.
I remember storming the court after we beat Minnesota in 1997. They were ranked #2 at the time. It was the last game of the season and helped us get the 8 vs. 9 matchup in the first round of the tournament. We lost to Texas. I'm still embarassed about it. Yes it was a big win and an exciting game (Ty Calderwood threw up the deepest most playground three ball i've ever seen to give us a 1 point lead with :04 left. We won 66-65), but it was Minnesota. Of course we should beat Minnesota. Bobby Jackson was good. In your face Bobby Jackson. But they are a conference rival. We should beat them, cheer, and go get drunk. More drunk.
If you're Wisconsin, you should enjoy beating #2 ranked Minnesota (at home), but don't go storming the court. That's a little excitable. A little needy. A little much. Nothing puts storming the court in perspective like a little perspective.
They went to the Final Four, and I don't think Jackson ever asked Calderwood to, "run that one back".
I love college basketball because there are so many great matchups. The teams that you want to see play each other usually do. Rivals play and upsets happen. Actually they happen all the time, all year. This is why the court storming thing is so tired. It seems forced.
Relax, Western Central Foothills Academy, Seton Hall is still trying to figure out where the hell their sleeping tonight.
Who stormed the court for Athletes in Action? Nobody.
And how excited can the Northern Iowa student section possibly get about beating Arizona State? It's December! Oh... your ticket stub's good for free Dilly Bars? Alright then, there's the other teams assistant coach go give him a reason to blast your face with his elbow.
So when we kick the crap out of Pittsburgh (the team that ended our season 2 years ago and beat us last year and that we already owe an ass-kicking) today, i hope our fans don't storm the court. That's the kind of shit the 0range crush does.
Jason Johnsen

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