Friday, July 27, 2007


This article by the two Badger reporters at the Good Land's Journal Sentinel contains some interesting tidbits. First, Lance Smith ("Rance Smith?" as Kim Jong Il would say) was charged with two misdemeanors. From a UW fan's perspective, it's disappointing that the charges weren't dropped, because this means the Dane County DA believes the evidence against Smith is pretty solid. But misdemeanors are way better than felony charges. I imagine they'll let him enter some first offender deal, where he agrees to enter a counseling program, and the charges will dismissed if he completes it. My understanding is that's what they often do with younger folks who have no previous records. And God knows, if "Rance" really freaked out over $5 in cab fare, he could certainly use some counseling. Take it easy, Ike Turner.

Also, the article summarizes some of Bielema's recent comments about Wisconsin running back recruit John Clay. Apparently, Clay is taking some summer school classes in attempt to get eligible to enroll at UW. Thank goodness. Bust your ass on the books in the time you have left, John. And this isn't just because I want to see you scoring touchdown at Camp Randall. Rather, you should know that your life will be dramatically better if you manage to qualify and enroll at UW. You've probably already considered the divergent scenarios, but lets lay it out again: it's either go to UW, one of the nation's great public universities, play on a top 10 football team, and have other people pay for your tuition, room and board; or start scrambling to find a junior college somewhere that'll give you a scholarship. Not a close contest. For the benefit of Badger fans and your own future, bust your ass now, and qualify academically.

In other developments, I'll soon be posting more often as the meaningful sports come around (no offense to baseball fans). Specifically, Packer training camp starts on Saturday. As of today, all of the draft picks have signed except for Harrell, and I don't know of any major injuries. There's a lot of continuity from this year to last both among the players and the coaching staff. That should definitely help the team's chances, if the younger players on the team can continue to improve. The wide receiver, tight end, running back, and free safety competitions should be interesting. Take a look at the links to the State Journal and the Green Bay Press Gazette sport pages if you want some more analysis of personnel. They've been doing position by position break downs. At last, football season is looming. Yee haw.

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