Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Oh Crap

UW's back up running back, the mercurial Lance Smith, has been arrested. Allegedly, for getting into a public shouting and shoving match with a lady friend over cab fare. On the bright side, if that's what really occurred, then it certainly looks like Smith isn't getting paid off by any boosters. But seriously, the shades of Booker Stanley here are just too depressing to contemplate. Hopefully, this didn't happen, Smith will be given the ok by the UW review board, and the charges will end up being dropped.

However, if the charges have merit, considering UW's situation at running back next season is almost as depressing as the Booker comparison. P.J. is coming off of shoulder surgery, and had trouble staying healthy last season. Smith's legal problems could very well exclude him. And John Clay may not even be eligible to enroll at UW. (Come on, John!) I hope incoming freshman Zach Brown is a player and can stay healthy, because a banged up P.J. and Tyler Holland do not look like a BCS-worthy duo. (No offense, Tyler.)

I can be deeply suspicious, and I find this news, on top of the Clay eligibility worries, to have been directly foreshadowed by the destruction of one of my favorite Wisconsin t-shirts last week. A jungle zipline, a tropical monsoon, and resin from crappy leather gloves were the culprits. Any suggestions for replacement UW gear? We have to get the mojo back.

Also, happy pre-emptive 30th, Sallie. Welcome to the fourth decade.


Anonymous said...

Can somebody please tell our RBs that pussy at Madison as a player is EASY and REPLACEABLE like LIGHTBULBS.

Stop fighting them, as soon as they say 1 fucking word, drop them

Sal said...

Thanks, Old Man...and if you don't give me my fucking $5 for your half of the cab I will rip your head off.