Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bwah Ha Ha Ha!

That was effing brilliant. Wisconsin had no business being in that game, at Indiana, getting very little from Hughes and having no inside presence. And the "no business" business won out on that fluke three pointer. Hurry up and put that on youtube, somebody. That's the first time I've jumped around in my living room at the end of a game in a long time. (Ok, I probably would have been jumping around after the Texas game if I hadn't tivo'd it and already known the score.) Random notes--

- I'm confused that Indiana couldn't adjust to Wisconsin's defensive fronting of White. He's a dominant inside player. They should have come up with some way for him to continue scoring.

- I hope this is the last time UW plays Indiana with Eric Gordon. He is explosive and a great free throw shooter. And a solid defender.

- Bohannon. Man. Way to keep UW in the game. Especially after airballing his second trey. Way to strap one on and man up, buddy.

- Anyone notice that the Badgers had very few turnovers? There's a direct correlation to UW being in games, regardless of what the other team is doing offensively, and having very few turnovers.

- Flowers is a heck of a leader. He kept attacking when the offense was stagnant and played intense defense on a guy who's going to be an NBA all-star. Well done.

- The NCAA report accusing Sampson of a bunch of violations. First off, it's hilarious that one of the alleged violations is an assistant giving a potential recruit a drawstring back pack. I mean, would you take one of those things if something was giving them away on a street corner? I wouldn't. Second, this report seems sort of Scooter Libby-esque. Meaning that the worst things Sampson is accused of, as far as I can tell, is lying about the relatively minor violations. Important note-- lying about something naughty you've done almost always only gets you into more trouble. Oftentimes federal prosecutors or the FBI will interview someone they know has committed a relatively minor offense, sort of encourage them to lie about it, and bam-- they've got you. Lying to an FBI agent or a federal prosecutor is a federal offense. Sampson's sort of put himself in that boat. The pater familias said that the Indiana AD looked severely displeased about the report. Wonder if he's thinking back about his unique hiring decision-- plucking Sampson from Oklahoma right when he was initially getting sanctioned by the NCAA. It will be interesting to see what happens with this stuff.

- Was it driving anyone else crazy when Landry wouldn't go right at whoever was guarding him when White was on someone else? Indiana's big weakness is they don't have a second strong frontcourt guy. Landry ate up the Hoosiers' other 4s and 5s whenever he got the chance. (Example-- the go ahead tip in basket over Stemler with 25 seconds left.)

- What a way to rally after the Purdue home loss. Reporters were saying that Indiana was in the driver's seat for the league championship after Purdue beat us, because IU had the easiest remaining schedule. But this puts Wisco right back in the conversation, though someone will need to dispatch the Boilermakers. Maybe it will be Indiana. They host Purdue next Tuesday. The Badgers do have a bunch of tough game remaining including games at OSU, at an unlucky Illinois, and home against Sparty. Plus, Minnie will be looking for revenge this weekend. Wild times.

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Randy Moss said...

we shot 5 free throws and won at indiana. things have changed at wisconsin. things have changed.