Friday, February 29, 2008

Glowing Badgers

I love beating MSU at basketball. It's because they beat us 4 times in 2000, the last time in the Final Four. We've been beating them pretty badly ever since Devin Harris threw an end of the game, clock winding down, nobody's on defense, alley-oop to Alando Tucker. It was one of our first ever IN YOUR FACE dunks. Two guys slama jama ing on somebody's head and that head was the flinty recently post-3-in-a-row Final Four MSU Spartans. The dunk annoyed Izzo. Now we dominate Izzo. 

The post game interviews from the Spartans were consistent: "They have to many able guys, can't stop one thing". We are 24-4. Randy, sign a contract or something, because if you didn't thoroughly enjoy that win last night, maybe you should loosen the dreads. A 7 footer who hit 3s? His name is Brian Butch and he is a shooter, a frail goofy, gritty, shooter. Naymick knows the difficulty in defending a 'pick and pop' big, he complained about it during the post game. 

Also, Flowers as a DB? I'll do some snooping around...


Randy Moss said...

we totally should be keeping corey williams. now we have to draft corey williams.

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