Thursday, February 19, 2009

Crimson & Creampie'd

Well that was an entertaining game. Indiana came out all juiced up and ready to play. Number 12 was feeling it and was making shots. They were keeping it close, but I was never as worried as Mr. Man. How can you be worried when Lavin kept referring to our Surge? I mean when you are on a Surge, the enemy has no chance. Regardless of what Harry Reid might say. 

I love college kids. The big heads in the crowd made no sense and were completely enjoyable. Shamed Governor Blagojevich made an appearance. So did Tiger and Peyton Manning. Awesome. I even saw a long-haired kid hoist up a sign that read: "Phelps Is Still My Hero". Fantastic. FANtastic. I also love college girls, and despite the low-def transmission, there were several IU hotties for visual consumption. 

Maybe my favorite moment happened at the very end when Kevin "Last Call" Gullickson set a screen to free up Fearless Bob Wilson for a dunk. The camera panned back to the Hoosier who got screened and he was writhing on the ground in pain. Then the camera jumps to the crowd where four students had painted the letters R-O-T-H on their bare chests. The looks on their faces when they realized it was Roth on the ground in pain was simply hilarious. "Oh no! Roth is down! That's our guy! oh shucks! Not Roth!"

I enjoyed the hell out of this game. We stomped Indiana at their place. This will not happen very often. We just cruised in the second half and flexed our defense. We got up by so many points that we got to put our scrubs in. That was the icing on the cake. We are definitely the only team in the country that puts in the scrubs and the team gets blacker. The black lackey squad getting mop-up minutes.

Go Badgers!

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Mr.Man said...

Funny stuff. The tint of the mop-up squad was significantly lightened by the pasty Markolff and translucent Gavinski being left at home, presumably because they would have been of no use on the scout team, as Indiana has no of any size who plays regular minutes.