Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Is it 2009 or 1999?

Having the pleasure of attending the OSU game on Saturday night, here are my observations:

  • Wisconsin still has the ability to play solid defense if they work at it. Clearly this was lacking during the losing streak, but the pep-talk/beat-down administered by Greg Gard seems to have done the trick. J-Bo was all over 3-point shooter guy, we adjusted to the backdoor lob to the ugly monster and made him disappear, and we were able to shut down Turner (who we apparently almost signed) when we needed to at the end.
  • Our offense is monotonous, overly methodical, and painful to watch. Nobody was working for/getting post position in the post. That is one of the flaws that I see in the swing. If you can't immediately establish post position, you clear out. Most of our points came in the paint, and when we got the ball to the block good things happened. Evidently Angry Bobby said that we just needed to run the offense more quickly to get better looks. I agree. The pass the ball around the perimeter for 20 seconds and then have Pop drive offense is not a reliable strategy.
  • Thank God for our rebounding. Beating them by 10 overall and by 12 on the offensive glass won the game for us. I can almost guarantee you will not see us give up 60% FG% and win again.
  • The students finally brought it. My favorite was when huge monster man was at the line and he made his first. Then the students began chanting "SHAVE YOUR MUSTACHE!" with the requisite hand claps. Hillarious, and he missed the second. That guy has no hands by the way. Every time he touched the ball in the low post it was a turnover.
  • At the end of the game I realized that the pain I experienced was familiar. Painfully slow offense, good hustle defense...hmmm. It's Dick Bennett basketball! Hopefully we can turn on the offense for IU and Sparty.
  • Finally, if anyone can explain the mysterious 24 hour recruiting methods of one Thad Motta that would be great, because Turner would make our team pretty scary.

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