Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Mike Vick will be great in the wildcat. He was the wildcat before the league knew his phylum. 7 plays a game of hell to pay for the defense. I would love to have a green&gold Mike Vick beat Benedict Favre in the snow at Lambeau. He's done it before. He will be effective for someone in a limited role.

Also, I hope there aren't any people who object to him for moral reasons. Atleast any people who eat meat. Now, I don't condone his behavior and am glad our society prohibits it, but let's leave our EXPENSIVE jails for criminals who are threats to society. Mike Vick has paid a tremendous price for thinking that dog-fighting was normal behavior. Time to move on.

TO got the key to the city of Buffalo yesterday. That is so pathetic. So pathetic. Buffalo looks like the downtrodden loser who just spent his life savings on a pair of diamond earrings for the fickle, bitchy, self-absorbed and aging girl who just moved into town after being discarded by men in other cities. The girl also fumbles balls and cries a lot. Buffalo.

On second thought, this might be totally acceptable behavior from Buffalo considering that they are in mortal fear of LOSING THEIR NFL TEAM. That is a seriously bad outcome. I suppose Buffalo fans that have to be self-conscious because of a Canadian city (read that again) have good reason to delude themselves so thoroughly. Take the key TO! Our doors are open to you! Did you see him! That's the real TO!

What spectral plane does Geno Malkin see light through? He makes passes that my brain can't process quickly. When he skates through the neutral zone he does so with such fluidity that he appears to be kayaking. He can skate into the offensive zone while stick handling every time. Crosby and Malkin on Versus! Making the NBA unwatchable this year. 


Randy Moss said...

"Atleast any people who eat meat"


dog fighting is like eating a hamburger?

U-65 Since 1978 said...

Sending animals to their death. Meat eaters do it. Dogfighting is a cultural legacy. He didn't invent it.

Anonymous said...