Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Can the Packers salvage their season?

Mr. Man texted me after "the game which shall not be mentioned" and asked if the Packers season was now a failure. I wittily replied, "It is unless we win the Super Bowl." Now, said redemption is staring us squarely in the face.
I am not looking past the Giants, nor are the Packers (we hope). I am, in fact, scared shitless of Los Gigantes. This is because we look better than them on paper, we are at home, and we are expected to win. Sound familiar? Granted, Green Bay is not Dallas, and Mike McCarthy is not Wade Phillips, but the situation still scares me.

In a conversation with my friend last week I boldly stated that if the Pack could run the ball they would dominate the Turkeys. With an assist from the weather, this clearly happened. I don't know how to predict this week because Eli "I'm-Sorry-I'm-Not-Peyton" Manning is completely unpredictable. Do we get game-manager, in-control Eli or do we get what I like to call the "Eli face":

I vote "Eli face".
Anyway, I think the Pack should win the game. As a start, we should definitely avoid spotting the other team 14 points, and I don't think we will. If we continue to run the ball well, we can prevent the D-line from bum-rushing Favre, which will allow him to possibly take a couple of shots deep. On D, I'm a bit scared of Brandon Jacobs, but overall I think we match up well. While we lack names on the D-line, we may have the most consistent unit in the NFL and should be able to contain Jacobs to some extent. I especially think that our coverage schemes favor us against their gimpy receiving corps. The linebacker and safety play is key: If they can run support well, we should have good chance at generating Eli-face opportunities. What I like the most is having McCarthy on the sideline. He has been out-coached for one half of one game this year (2nd half of Bears-Packers Debacle Part I) and had an unprepared team (read: punter) once this season. I think the coaching edge may be our biggest advantage.

So here's hoping for lots of this:
and even more of this:

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