Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mind-boggling stat

Here's a little note from Badger Men's Basketball Insider (a free service through, if you don't have it, get it):

Wisconsin has lost just four conference games over the last two seasons. The four losses have come by a combined total of 19 points and have each come on the road. The opposing team's home crowd has rushed the floor after each game.

Are we so good that fans need to rush the floor whenever we lose on the road? Awesome.


Mr.Man said...

I'd like to think that, and last year it might have been true, and, hell, it still could be true this season.
But I think it's more that there's nothing to do in West Lafayette outside of Mechanical Engineering class.

Randy Moss said...

ohio st. rushed the court?

they were number 1 in the coaches poll.

the whole rushing the court thing makes me not like college basketball. and i love college basketball.