Sunday, January 20, 2008

Crap Sandwich

All you can say is the Packers didn't deserve to win. The offense looked like it was asleep, and the entire team looked like they didn't want to be there. That final Favre intercpetion sort of summed it up-- iffy protection, terrible throw, basically Favre looking for any way to make the game end, just like Philly in overtime four years ago. Al Harris needs a psychiatrist, since he clearly cannot handle the spotlight (see his performance against TO in Dallas). And if the other team has TWICE your time of possession, then you should lose. That's all there is to it.

And the only reason they were in the game was because of the gifts. The broken coverage and a great individual effort by Driver. Tauscher recovering the strip after effing R-dub picked off a terrible Favre pass that he should have thrown away. The personal foul on Madison that kept a drive alive. Ridiculous and complete gifts. The game wasn't close. The Packers were clearly the inferior team on the field. Grant averaged 1 something yard per rush. Favre was winging the ball around like an idiot. He clearly didn't want to be there, just like the last Bear game. The wideouts couldn't get open against a crap secondary. Maybe if it was 30 degrees warmer, they would have played better. I don't know. But they looked and played like hell. Geez, even Eli pansy-boy Manning looked tougher than Favre, who kept rubbing heat packets on his face like a sissy. Maybe he's just getting old, and his inner monologue asks "what the hell am I doing here?" a little more often. It just looked like the Giants wanted it more the whole game. A sad and pathetic end to a crazy rollercoaster of a season.

The only positives I can see in all of this are:
(A) the rest of the country gets to laugh at the New York vs. Boston media crapstorm that is going to take over the sporting world for the next two weeks;
(B) we won't have to see the Packers get depantsed by the Patriots in front of the entire world; and
(C) Ted Thompson can get a jump start on hunting for Al Harris' replacement.

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Randy Moss said...

28 (?) yards rushing?