Thursday, February 01, 2007

Great Loss

I'm forced to look at the loss to Indiana as a good thing. The refs were calling a lot of fouls. Their best player played well. They hit more 3s than us, and when we missed they got the rebound. Badgers were 5-20 3pt. fg. The rednecks were 7-18. That was the difference. That's it. Two 3s. And two missed 3s.
The total rebounds were pretty even. They only had 4 more rebounds than us. All defensive. But our guards didn't rebound well, particularly on the offensive end.
They have big guards that can rebound and shoot. Aj Ratliff and Earl Calloway are 6'3", Roderick Wilmont is 6'4" and Joey Shaw is 6'6". They out-rebounded our guards 17 to 9 (if you include The Hoft's 4 boards[all defensive]).
Against most teams our smaller lineup of Tuck, Taylor, Flowers, Hoft and Landry, hasn't felt too small. But Indiana's guards were bigger than ours, so this time it did. Landry had an off game, but even when he's on, i don't think he can make up for our guards not coming up with rebounds. Also, I don't know why nobody helped him with DJ White.
Steimsma had a bad game. He had 3 turn overs in 4 minutes, but i felt like a couple of those turn overs were actually nice passes. AND, the foul they called on him was bullshit. He needs to get more minutes.

Again, the Zone hurt us.

They stormed the court.

Here's the rest of our schedule.

Northwestern at home (W)

2/07/2007 7:00 PM @ Penn State (W)

2/10/2007 1:00 PM Iowa (W)

2/14/2007 7:00 PM @ Minnesota (W)

2/17/2007 11:17 AM Penn State (W)

2/20/2007 6:00 PM @ Michigan State (W)

2/25/2007 3:00 PM @ Ohio State (L)

3/3/2007 TBA Michigan State (W)

3/8/2007 Big Ten Tournament Chicago IL (w-w-w)

RECORD: 31-3

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