Tuesday, February 27, 2007

He ain't gonna die...

Behold Here Comes the Rooster's thoughts following our loss to O A & A in Colombo:

Even after the loss, Joe Lunardi still has us as a #1 seed. He has both Ohio A & M and us as #1's. We can thank UNC's loss to Maryland and Florida's losing 2 of their last 3 for that. He has UCLA as the overall #1, then O A&M, then us, then UNC, then Florida. Two of Florida's four losses are to teams who he does not project as making the tournament, whereas all four of our losses are to tournament-projected teams.

In Lunardi's projection, the only thing we've lost is having our #1 seed in the Midwest bracket (he places us #1 in the South bracket). In practical terms, that means that we'd play the sweet 16 and final 8 games in San Antonio rather than St. Louis, which might mean that fewer Badger fans make the trip and, thus, that the game would be more of a true neutral site game rather than a quasi-home game. All in all, not too huge a loss.

According to the Journal-Sentinel, Butch himself is not ruling himself out of the MSU game next weekend. Nobody else from the program is saying anything. Wait, that's old info now. Butch is pretty much done. This sucks.

We should give MSU the type of spanking they so richly deserve next weekend. O A & M plays at Ann Arbor next weekend; we can hope they'll crap themselves. Florida has two regular season conference games remaining, at Tennessee (and they crapped themselves) and Kentucky at home. Then, of course, everybody has their conference tournament. Somewhat confusingly, Lunardi says that a presumed third game against us in the Big Ten
tournament will likely determine whether O A & M stays a #1 seed. That suggests that either there is some way that we could meet O A & M in the Big Ten tournament prior to the conference championship game or that Lunardi is forgetting about the NCAA's history of "ignoring" the outcome of that game.

Anway, other than losing two games in a row, a lot broke right for the Badgers this week. Let's hope UNC and Florida keep losing. Also, it is funny that Lunardi has projected Florida to be the #2 seed in UNC's bracket. Ironic that the two teams many consider to be the "most
talented" wind up with the chance to cannibalize one another. And now Florida loses to Tennessee, taking an embarrassing beating on a nationally televised ESPN broadcast.

Why does Florida seem to generate the best taunts from opposing teams? Before the Kentucky game in Lexington, an ESPN camera panned a section of students, one of whom was holding a sign that read: "Tim Hardaway Hates Florida." Inappropriate and funny. During tonight's game, the Tennessee fans chanted "Noah's ugly." Very good. And he is. The two little spats that Noah's had with opposing cheerleaders the past two seaons have, according to him, sprang from the cheerleaders telling him was ugly as he climbed over them and back onto the court after chasing loose balls. The Utah Jazz are good this year, right? Too bad. They already have Carlos Boozer, Scottie Pippen is available, and if the Jazz could just draft Noah they could put a damn fugly team on the floor. I guess like the Elephant Man, Lobster Boy, and the kid from Mask might be uglier, but they aren't real basketball players.

Michigan is looking feisty all of a sudden. Beat the Hizzo tonight in Ann Arbor (who is, need I remind you, a whore, while Madison is beautiful and virtuous). Let us hope they'll be equally full of piss and vinegar for O A & M this weekend.

I think Greg Oden is actually Danny Almonte. If you know what I mean.

Why does the Big 12 have all the guys with cool names this year? Acie Law IV? Cool. JamIson Curry, or however the hell he spells it? Cool. Mario Boggan is pretty cool, too.

Spring training has started. Right? I think. Here's about all we need to talk about it when it comes to the Cubs this year:

Rob (Baltimore): finish this sentence. The Cubs make the playoffs if...

SportsNation Keith Law: Matt Murton gets 500 plate appearances, Mark Prior makes 25+ starts, and Ryan Dempster is out of the closer job by May 1. That may not even cover it.

Rob (Baltimore): Murton 500 appearances? he's that good?

SportsNation Keith Law: He gets on base. Almost no other Cub does. If he's not in the lineup and Derrek Lee is hurt or gets a day off, you could shut the Cubs out on 67 pitches.

The thing about the Dumpster is funny. And the point about Murton and OBP has been so glaringly obvious about the Cubs for going on three seasons now...it hurts me.

Bruce Pearl needs to have his ears boxed. His t+a show from a few weeks ago are responsible for Pat Summit singing tonight. Don't do that.


The man they call Craig said...

its James On curry. best name in colledge bball.

Mr.Man said...

Well done, sir. More of the same please.
I like Acie Law the Fourth, for names.
Or MSU's Marquise Gray-- pronounced Mar-Queeeis. I think some enterprising Badger fan should take a sign to Saturday's game that reads "Marquise is Not A Real Name" or "Marquise is a Delicious Breakfast Juice" and on the flip side say "Have You Had Your Marquise Today?"
In Butch related news, Chappell needs to take a jump shot when people are more than three yards away from him. He did it against Purdon't, he can do it against other people. Krabbenhoft needs to remember that he was a high school point guard, and thus recall how to shoot three pointers. The Stiemer should try some post-up moves.

Here Comes the Rooster said...

You know, Brian Butch is actually a pretty sweet name for a jock. But it really would be more appropriate as, say, Briana Butch, on a female basketball player. If you know what I mean. Maybe on the Penn St. women's team.

Anonymous said...

Or the fan could say "trade in your glass of Marquise for this Dannon Frusion Smoothie."