Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Spreading the Seed

Some bracket-predicting lunchbox on FoxSports has us as a #2 seed. He still has Florida as a #1. I'm assuming he hasn't adjusted for the Tennessee loss. More interesting are his comments about each seed. His reasons for moving us to the 2 are our two game losing streak and Butch's injury. Talked about this issue with some people yesterday. Didn't Cincinnati get moved down the year Kenyon Martin got hurt before the tournament? Is it possible that this could actually effect our seed? Butch is our leading rebounder and third leading scorer, and on only twenty minutes a game, but Kenyon Martin he is not. Ignoring the Butch-injury issue for a moment, I think we're headed for a #1 assuming we win Saturday and then win two games in the B10 tourney. On one end, UCLA is a #1 for sure. On the other end Pitt, Southern Illinois, Georgetown, and Washington State don't seem like possible #1's. UNC now has five losses and has G Tech on the road, Duke at home, and the ACC tourney. So they're probably a #1 at the moment and could drop or make themselves stronger. Ohio St. only has a road game at Mishitgan, though Michigan looked good last night and is probably playing for a spot in the tournament. Unless they lose to Michigan and lose early in the conference tournament, they seem like a #1. Florida lost again last night and is probably not a #1 at the moment and has 'Tucky at home plus the conference tourney. If they beat 'Tucky and make a strong conf tourney run, they may be back in as a #1. Can Kansas be a #1? Their RPI and SoS suck. So I think not unless more than one of the teams above them falter and they rock the B12 tourney. Memphis? Same problem as Kansas. Texas A & M? They play at Texas tonight, but they're 13 in RPI and their SoS sucks. So it seems to me that us, UNC, and UF are competing for the last two #1's. UF is in freefall. UNC has to deal with the ACC tourney. If everybody more or less wins out, I bet we get a non-Midwest #1 and UNC gets the other. But if any one of the three loses another one, it opens it up for the other two.

But, even if we win out, could we get bumped just because of the loss of Butch? Whose chopper iz dees?

Why is Joakim Noah considered such a hotshot? He's fifth on his team in minutes per game. 5th. He's fourth in scoring. For a guy whose potential is supposedly linked to his "energy," he sure disappeared in the Tennessee and Vandy games. Plus, he seems like a hothead, with the slapping at cheerleaders and the thing with the Vandy coach. And his offensive "moves" seem pretty rudimentary. Remember when Jerome James freaked out in the NBA playoffs a couple years ago and made himself a ton of free agent money (thank you, Isiah Thomas), even though he really sucks? That's what the Final Four was last year for Noah.

Also, if there is actually anybody out there who wonders what the father of this blog, Mr. Man, looks like, here he is in all his glory. This, however, is not him, though it could be.


The man they call Craig said...

joakim noah is a caveman. i bet he has 8 inch pubic hairs.

Sal said...

Joakim Noah looks like a 7 foot tall 12 year-old girl. As was mentioned previously, he is also incredibly ugly. Making him an ugly 12 year-old girl. Therfore, we should all hate Florida. My logic is undeniable.