Friday, February 23, 2007

Round on the Sides and High in the Middle

That's the bizarre quasi-post-indsutrial sate of Ohio, my friends. Get it?
Anyhow, you may be looking for some seventh rate analysis/prediction about what's going to happen when everyone's favorite underdog/overacheiver, the University of Wisconsin Men's basketball team, ventures to Columbus, that renowned center of antique coin trading, to take on THE Ohio A&M College in a forty minute showdown. Well, too damn bad for you. I am out of town this weekend, and thus actually cannot sit around in front of the 'puter that much, and thus you are out of luck. I'm sure the "experts" are running wild on this one anyway, therefore an intrepid user of the miraculous internet will have no problem finding such previews. If you look at Mr. Heller's weblog at the Journal-Sentinel, he'll likely provide you with a bunch of links. I am also hopeful that some of the other deadbeats who agreed to post on this site will strap on a collective ween and provide some amusing content for your reading pleasure.

Anyhow, we'll see how this one goes. I don't think OSU has lost at home this season. I think the all-seeing Odin is getting more nimble with his right hand. I don't think Conley is very bad, and I do think that he might beat out the first and most powerful of the Aesir for Big Ten pre-frosh of the year. I do think they'll play a two-three zone against us with the one-eyed king of the Norse gods in the middle, just like Penn State. If this happens, although we won't be able to slice and dice it the way we did Penn State's, I think it will be to our advantage. If they play pressing man-to-man on us, like Sparty, I think we're in trouble. Although I've addressed this in previous posts, I think Thad Matta's odd-looking, the All-Father looks like a bus driver, and Conley's 'stache makes me think of the Jimmy Buffet song "I Wish I Had A Pencil Thin Mustache". I also think that some of OSU's upperclassmen want to strut their stuff on national television, and could be goaded into becoming over-aggressive. I also think that there's an additional UW featured "Inside College Basketball" this Saturday, and I encourage everyone to watch. Bo's comments, taken from the Iowa game, were hilarious, I think. I think our margin for error on Sunday will be quite thin. I think that we could win, but most likely will not, although I think I am holding out hope. I think that we will spank Sparty in Madison next weekend, regardless. I also think I'm going to the Big Ten tournament. I think I should probably stop using my father in-law's computer now.

Go Badgers. No thinking necessary about that one.

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