Thursday, May 17, 2007


1. brett favre has made brown county and the city/town of green bay hundreds of millions of dollars (not to mention the state of wisconsin). $.

2. "at least moss manned up and asked for a trade"? ok.
brett favre played every game for the last 39 seasons.
i can't really judge his manhood outside of that.

3. although you are right, favre should keep his mouth shut when it comes to other people's money, there is no comparison between him and mike mckenzie. i'm sure he took that into account.

4. as far as earning any right, (and i really have a hard time watching brett sometimes lately) it can be done. he has done it. only 12 teams make the playoffs and 8 of those suck. i'd rather watch favre be awful, than last years cowboys. but if you don't watch football, see #1.

7. favre helped one of the worst rosters in the league go 8-8 last year, and part of his reasoning for getting another reciever was to help work horse donald driver. he needs help helping.

6. great piece, for a lakers fan.

why the fuck did i even read your article

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Anonymous said...

This is the finest retort imaginable to a worthless piece of garbage.