Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Some ESPN columnist I've never heard of goes on an anti-Favre rant.


Anonymous said...

If you contract an infectious disease, know you have done so, and then knowingly transmit it to others, you should be locked up.

If you read a really stupid column from a writer you have never heard of -- a colum that is based upon acknowledge ignorance -- and you then share it with others, you are a different kind of public health threat. Please desist. Enforce some minimum standard of journalism, won't you, before you share useless drivel with your readers?

Mr.Man said...

I don't agree with the writer's opinion--which is why I referred to her piece as a "rant." But the fact that it was ESPN that put out such an overwhelmingly negative column about Favre made it worth passing along. I've never seen someone be that mean to him. And that's why I thought it was so remarkable that it was worth mentioning.