Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I feel bad even talking about this

So, UW's quarterback for the past three seasons, John Stocco, affectionately known in these circles as Elvis Stojko, had a tryout last weekend with the Packers. That's probably old news to most of you by now. While this event could have been the best conglomeration of UW and Packer interests since Tauscher became a starter at right tackle, and thus something to celebrate and discuss, I've avoided writing about it. That's because players who tryout for NFL teams (that is, who aren't drafted and aren't signed to free agent contracts right after the draft) rarely get signed. And sadly, it has come to pass for dear Elvis. You can read about it here and here. Good luck to you in your continued quest, John.

Peter King has a somewhat interesting piece on Favre and the Packers. Most of it is stuff a well-read fan, such as yourself, likely already knows. But it's still worth checking out. It's here.

Finally, some high school recruiting news. Generally, I try to avoid commentary on high school recruiting until the players are signed. First, it's skeezy to obsess over teenagers, and second, who knows whether kids will turn out to be any good, and third, they could always screw up in school or change their minds. Plus, it's a shady business, and one where UW, not being a hugely populated or particularly diverse state, has a historical disadvantage. But I do want to note one promising development--two UW men's basketball commitments for 2008 have been seriously upgraded in the player rankings. Specifically, both of these commitment are now listed as top 100 players, 57th and 99th. In the previous list, one was around 150th and the other wasn't ranked at all. Now I don't know if these rankings really mean anything, but it is nice to see that some other sources, besides the UW coaching staff, think that these guys are legitimate prospects.

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