Friday, June 22, 2007

Story of the Day

So now that we're months away from football season, and months past the end of college basketball season, I'm starting to feel a bit desperate. Seriously, it takes me about 2 minutes to read the sports section these days--after I take a quick look at the baseball box scores to check up on my fantasy teams, I'm essentially done. And even on the miracle of the internet, finding interesting stories on the teams you really care about has become difficult. To help ease the pain, as it were, until we get closer to football season, I'm going to start directly linking to quality Badger or Packer stories when I find them. The nuggets of interest should be shared. I found a decent one today-- a column from the State Journal about two incoming Badger men's basketball recruits. Cheers.


Randy Moss said...

they both better dunk.

Sal said...

Badgers see future, in stereo
Ask and ye shall receive.

Mr.Man said...

I got the same news from a different source, Sal. Looks like your Sparty boy can dunk with ease: