Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Suns Seem to Like Alando, and I Need a Seersucker Suit

I was immediately pleased to see Alando get drafted in the first round, and by a legitimate team like the Suns that has a good record of developing talent and maximizing players' various skill sets. Of course, the dude at Ron Karkovice Fanclub (to the right), immediately rained on my parade by describing Alando as "a guy with no jump shot" who thus would not fit in with the Suns, and predicting his trade before the season begins. Harumph. The Suns certainly seem to like A-Tuck, and their coach correctly noted that his athleticism is "off the charts." Suck it, Trebeck. Anyhow, the most comprehensive coverage of the Suns drafting of Alando comes from the Suns themselves. Here you go. The Suns' compliments lead me to believe they won't trade him away, and the quotes from Bo down at the bottom are neat.

Now, as a person who picks up NBA news from Milwaukee and Chicago, I have the following comments. First, the Bucks decision to tell the Chinese socialist sporting authority to bug off is hilarious. I hope Herb Kohl brings the power of the U.S. Senate to bear. Or they trade Yi for Corey Brewer or Jeff Green. The Bucks need defense, and I see Yi getting pushed around like Shawn Bradley. I must admit, however, that a "We Are The World" frontcourt of Bogut (Aussie), Charlie Villanueva (NYC, but parents are immigrants from the Dominican Republic), and Yi (Southern China) could be pretty entertaining.

Second, Joakim Noah's look at the NBA draft Thursday night was amazing. Seersucker, floppy bow tie, huge picked-out hair, see for yourself--

Here was his own description of the look in the Chicago Sun-Times:

''I think the bow tie definitely was a great look. I think the suit was really, really funky. I said it was going to be funky. I've gotten a lot of love so far for the suit."

I don't know if the Bulls improved by drafting Noah. (Ben Wallace did look old and tired in the Pistons series.) But I do know that Joakim is probably the least attractive person ever produced by a Miss Universe finalist, and that he should make Chicago NBA news far more entertaining.

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Randy Moss said...

noah looked like the guy who should've taken carrie to the prom.