Monday, June 18, 2007

Unsavory Developments

Several bits of unfortunate news have emerged recently. First, the Packers' starting middle linebacker Nick Barnett, who the team recently resigned to a long-term contract, was arrested after an alleged altercation outside a "club" in Appleton. Not good, particularly given the NFL's serious crackdown on poor off-the-field behavior and Abdul Hodge's performance in the Seattle game last season. Lets hope that Nick didn't really do anything and the police end up dropping the charges. Nick needs to conserve his energy and focus for his "excessive celebration dances after making routine tackles" thing. (I still haven't forgiven him for letting the receiver get behind him on 4th and 26.) Also, who knew there were any non-strip club clubs in Appleton?

Second, Marquette's Mighty Mouse, Dominic James, has pulled out of the NBA draft, and opted to return to school. You could argue that's good, I guess, because it means more attention will return to Wisconsin state college basketball next season. But it also means the Papists will be ranked highly entering the season, and will be favored to beat UW in Madison this winter. James is a talented guy, although a terrifically streaky shooter, and his absence, in my very early book, would have led to UW extending its current streak over the Gold. Combined with games at Texas and Cameroon Indoor Tennis Stadium (yes, that's purposely misspelled) the Badgers' pre-Big Ten schedule is looking pretty rough. As the bishop says in Caddyshack, "Ratfart!"

(Recent addendum-- the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel has also reported that John Clay, the man-child running back recruit from Racine who could very well press P.J. Hill for playing time this fall, may not qualify academically. As our second highest rated recruit, and the best running back the state high schools have produced since Brian Calhoun, it would be horrible to have Clay become ineligible. Bear down on the books, John, wherever you are.)

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Randy Moss said...

good. at least now our first loss wont be at the gulf shores YMCA to some division 3 intramural team that we already lost to in dramatic fashion and should know better than scheduling anyway. those games are perfect following up last year. we'll win 2 of 3. texas will get smoked out.