Tuesday, June 12, 2007


As they introduced the spurs tonight, they played the storm trooper music. If I was a spur that would get me so jacked up. I got jacked up in my room watching it. I always thought Pacer fans should've chanted, "Reggie Sucks", in Indianapolis. Being the bad guy is dope. Unless you're killing ewoks. That's not dope. I guess Eric Snow and Damon Jones and the rookie they play are pretty ewokish. But Greg Popovich wouldn't give two shits to save their lives or there shitty little planet. Eric Snow looks like he's 59.


Sal said...

I actually think that the Spurs-Nets finals was worse. I couldn't watch any of that, not one minute. But this isn't far off.

Since Poppovich once coached the Mighty Sagehens of Pomona College, he obviously wasn't always on the dark side. He must have been seduced by an evil Sith lord at some point. Oh...and when did the dark side become filled with such sissy floppers and whiners?

Mr.Man said...

Why is there no celebration over the fact that our high school idol, Michael Finley, finally won an NBA Championship? I can't be upset with the Spurs because of that (and because I like referring to "San An-tone").

Also, what the hell were the Spurs able to do to Bron-Bron that the Pistons didn't? Did the Pistons stop playing defense after Larry Brown left?

Finally, all the talk about the Cavs being the worst NBA finals team ever is hilarious. As is Drew Gooden's back of the neck pube patch.

Sal said...

The Spurs are the Pete Sampras of the NBA. They are the best, most methodical, machine-like team I have ever seen. Did Pete Sampras win lots of tennis matches? Yes. Were they fun to watch? Not so much. I'm not upset with the Spurs, they are just not exciting.

Oh...Yea for Finley. Especially since he said he would put the game-ball between himself and his wife in bed last night. Freaking awesome.