Saturday, September 27, 2008

The 3rd Worst Loss of my fanhood

Up 19-0 at half against an inferior team. We should win that game. Losing it is tough to take. 

My first thought is that this is the 3rd worst loss I've ever watched. I think the recent, often underrated, game against Iowa for a trip to the Rose Bowl is a bigger loss. Yet, this game is a serious downer too. 

We had a great 2008 lined up. This kills it. We avoided a bad start on the road against the MI, and should have won. What went wrong? We can discuss the reasons later this week, but they will all be unfulfilling. 

You play to WIN THE GAME. The Badgers did not win the game.

Coach B will have acorn dick for awhile and for good reason. He just bonered that game.


nate said...

that was awful.

where did john clay go?

fucking boo.

nate said...