Monday, September 22, 2008

It Pours . . .

Al "Personal Foul" Harris has apparently ruptured his spleen, and may very well miss the rest of the season. While we all complain about Harris's, ummm, liberal interpretation of the illegal contact and defensive holding rules, he is a great fit for the Packers bump and run style coverage and a pro's pro, in addition to being one of the team's veteran leaders. Losing Al for the season would be a terrible blow to the defense. Trammon Williams has talent, but he's definitely still a work in progress, as demonstrated by friggin' Myles Austin's long touchdown last night. As some Packer beat writers have noted, the team was remarkably lucky with injuries last season, as are most teams that have excellent seasons. That luck could be running out.

p.s. Apparently UW running back John Clay isn't that badly hurt. Phew. Alas, Wisconsin cornerback Aaron Henry may miss the year as his surgicially repaired leg is still giving him trouble. I now officially hate Mondays. Especially ones following a Packers' loss.

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IPBprez said...

This really sux. It was bad enuf, the Offense couldn't even find 4 Wideouts who could play together - stuck with 3 all nite long. We have to see what the second opinion will be. Tampa Bay odds just changed. We know one thing - guess what over half of next year's Draft is gonna be looking at... And, we still need three O-Line guys who can count to 6.