Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sanity Wins Out In the End

So even though it turned out not to matter, the most controversial moment of UW's victory over Fresno State last weekend was the replay official bizarrely overturning the call on the field of a fumble (forced by Shane Carter and recovered by DeAndre Levy) and declaring it to be an incomplete pass. Every ESPN announcer disagreed, as did sane people everywhere. The cry of "Shenanigans!" resounded throughout the State of Wisconsin, echoing into the night.

And not that it would have changed anything, had Casillas not caught the FSU back from behind on the screen play that immediately followed and UW gone on to lose the game, but, thankfully, the WAC has confirmed what we already knew and officially ruled that the call on the field of a fumble should have stood. Of course, there was no "incontrovertible video evidence" of a fumble. Duh. Score one for sanity, and subtract one for rampant homerism. The reviewing ref should be canned.

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