Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Now that Favre's gone, and with the emergence of Greg Jennings as perhaps the team's most dynamic player, Jennings seems to have become a go-to guy for the media. Jennings is only a third-year guy, so I think he's still learning what is and is not appropriate to discuss with the press. For an example of the latter category (in my opinion), Peter King, asking Jennings about the differences between playing with Rodgers and Favre, relayed the following quote on Monday---

"Brett's a little more loose in there. You know, not that Aaron's tight; he's fine. But Brett was passing gas in the huddle.''

Yeah Greg, we really don't need to know that. Anyhow, read the rest of the Jennings discussion with King here (about two-thirds down the page), and see some strong Peter King praise for Aaron Rodgers here.


Dale Z said...

Jennings is a heck of a character. When I heard he was comparing Rodgers and Favre, I was sort of annoyed, then I seen him comparing the odd huddle tendencies and laughed. Good ol GJ.

IPBprez said...

HA - that's a goodun. I had heard this rumor (?) before aorund some circles. I think the Bootlegger/Jennings Duo will work out fine. Lots to look forward to.