Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Curtain Rises

This evening, the University of Wisconsin Men's Basketball team is finally revealed to the public, with the Red vs. White intrasquad scrimmage. The doors to the Kohl Center open at 6:30, and tipoff happens at 7 pm. This will be our first real glimpse at the team's personnel this season, and should offer some hint at the big question mark surrounding the team-- namely, what's the deal with all the freshmen and sophomores? There'll also be other fun things to observe, like whether the upperclassmen seem to have improved, how the team interacts and competes with each other, and, of course, how much attention Bo can draw to himself even without coaching either team. Needless to say, I am very piqued about the event.

Unfortunately, as I no longer reside in Madison, I will not be in attendance. And sadly, as per this press release, it doesn't look like the scrimmage will be recorded, taped or broadcast in any manner, not on the web, not on the radio, and no highlights shown by the Big Ten Network. Bummer. Thus, I'll be in the same club as anyone else who misses the scrimmage--trying to get an idea about how the team looked by cobbling together news reports and blog posts. (Speaking of that, I encourage everyone to check the thoughtful UW basketball blog Hoops Marinara sometime tomorrow to see what its author has to say.) The event is free though and the team will be signing autographs afterwards, so if anyone in the greater Dane County area wants a first unadorned glimpse of this year's squad, head on down to Dayton Street and give the team a look.

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