Monday, October 06, 2008


I don't need this. I can't hardly watch these recent disasters due to the fact that I live on the west coast, and people hate football here. The one game I did go out of my way to watch at a (michigan) bar, was the first of paul chryst's latest pieces chrap.

Run John Clay. What the fuck! he's the best athlete on either team and he runs for pretty much a 50 yard touchdown... at michigan... then we never see him again? I think our coaching staff is being a bit stupid. I don't even want to talk about the Ohio A & M game. I don't even care after flopping at the Pig House. Humiliating. The worst part is how bad michigan is.

Brewers. Made the playoffs. Awesome. I can drink out of my 1982 mcdonald's issued Robin Yount glass again without it tasting like Cito Gaston. Cito? Ceetoe? Sea toes? I hated the blue jays. but i hate the cubs more.

Its hard for me to enjoy the cubs collapse so much. I don't want to have to need them. But I do. 3 things in life are guaranteed. Death, Taxes, and the cubs are terrible chokes. Too the two nerd 17 year olds with the matching Rygne Sandberg shirts that we had kicked out of the front row of the Ben Sheetz shelling at the hands of the cubs in late july; eat it nerds. Check your ticket stubs again before you start getting loud. A 100 years of tradition just got permanent. (goat sound).

The Packers are weak. We'll see if they can get healthy on D, but the O-line is 9 of the the same guy. Not fast enough to run block, not strong enough to pass protect meat heads. TT needs to find a scout that can spot learning disabilities.

last week we had 7 penalties for 70 yards and this week we had 9 for 100.

We should not have traded Corey Williams. But since we did, try to enjoy the beautiful pocket that other teams can form around their quarterback. It's textbook. like a jelly fish swimming on the tundra, using it's third string tight end to sting its prey. Justin Peelle... Deadly poison.

AA-RON RODG-ERS clap clap clap clap clap.

Seriously RUN JOHN CLAY.

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Mr.Man said...

Yep. The Packers pass rush is totally and completely pathetic without Jenkins. It was mediocre with him. Now it's just awful. Picking Brohm at that point in the second round, when there were several decent pass rush prospects available is looking like a bigger and bigger mistake.

And what's with the Packers' offense? Is it all the offensive line being mediocre? It runs like a beat up sports car-- flying down the highway one minute, stalling and coughing smoke the next.