Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Favreadict Arnold

It's finally time to discuss the whole "Favre talking the Lions through every facet of the Packers' offense" situation. Jay Glazer's defense of his article seals the deal for me. Plus, his description of how things happened sounds too much like Brett.

Anyhow, as a Packer fan and shareholder, the word that first comes to mind is PATHETIC. Although that may not be technically accurate since Favre's grade school antics fail to evoke pathos. Another word that fits is CHILDISH, then there's PETTY, and also the term LEGACY TRASHING. So Thompson didn't think you could be a Super Bowl winning quarterback anymore, huh? Well, boo friggin' hoo. You certainly haven't proven him wrong so far this season. Grow up, you colossal baby.

Maybe he's mad he's not on a better team. You know, one that didn't just lose to the most dysfunctional team in football (the Raiders). Well, if Favre hadn't been such a huge ass all summer and killed his trade value, he probably could have been dealt to a contender. Or if he had just exhibited some, wait for it, patience, he could have been dealt to legitimate contender like the Patriots. Think the undefeated Titans might have been interested, had Favre waited until after the Vince Young freakout? Or maybe Jerry Jones would have traded the Packers a second rounder right before the trade deadline last week (after Romo's injury was revealed) for Favre's rights? Had he not been acting like a the world's largest primadonna all summer, I certainly think those scenarios would have been plausible.

The point is, you screwed up and got yourself in this situation, dummy. Being a petty jackass, and trying to hide your petty jackassedry, is just making you look more and more foolish. Again, time to grow up, Peter Pan.


Randy Moss said...

mr man you will be a judge. you bring the hammer dooowwnn. lord have mercy on the heads of hillbillies.

Anonymous said...


Maybe you can convince the Hall of Fame to enshrine him as a Jet or a Falcon.

Elliott Gansner said...

Favre is childish, yes. He clearly has a very significant need for attention. His in New York, that is perfect. He is in the media center of the world getting all the attention he can possibly take. I think he would have done terribly in Tennesse. No one cares what happens in Tennesse. Good point on the notion of a trade to the Patriots. However, Ted Thompson was not interested in having Favre bumming around the Packers training camp all of August. I think the pressure to make a trade came from both sides.

Mr.Man said...

I agree, Eller. The point I was making is that if Favre had just laid low, let the Packers know (quietly) that he was interested in playing again and would like to be traded if a good possibility opened up, he could have gone to a legitimate contender.

Scott Tappa said...

I was telling my buddy the other day that I wasn't sure how I felt about Favre, post-Packers, until that Raiders game. I really wanted the Raiders to win, and it was that subconscious emotion coming to the surface that revealed which "side" of this whole thing I'm actually on.

Three months ago, if a report like this had surfaced, it would have been dismissed out of hand. Now, it's completely within the realm of reason that he'd be trading secrets with Packer opponents.

Although, as has been implied, if the Lions' coaches couldn't figure out what the Packers' game plan was last year by watching film, well ... well maybe they are that incompetent.