Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hoping for a Moral Victory?

Is anybody really expecting anything in this afternoon's Packer game? I mean, hell. The Indianapolis Dolts are coming off of a 31-3 stomping of perhaps the best defense in the league. The Packers defensive backfield has been surprisingly decent of late, given the injuries to Bigby, Rouse and Harris, but still-- the team's pass rush is not good, and the run defense has been poor. You have to expect the Dolts to move the ball pretty easily, especially to tight end Dallas Clark and third wideout Anthony Gonzalez.

You'd think the main hope for the Pack would be to run the ball right up the middle of Dolts defense, where they have an even thinner defensive tackle situation than the Packers. But our running game, both the line and Ryan Grant, has looked out of sorts. So the Pack may find themselves in a lot of third and medium situations, obvious passing downs, with our aging offensive tackles trying to repulse Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis. Not good.

Anyhow, I don't like our chances, even though having the game in Lambeau, and not on artificial turf, should help. So if the Packers can keep it close, say within a touchdown, and avoid any new major injuries (I'm terrified of Pickett aggravating his arm injury and tearing his triceps), I'm calling it a moral victory. Not saying that we don't have a chance to win, but just keeping it close would be a somewhat encouraging sign for the rest of the season.


Randy Moss said...

charles woodson eliminated the best receiver in the league at the peak of his career. hes as good as favre and reggie white. hes the best cornerback ive seen. better than deon.

colledge either makes a great play or a horrible play. never just blocks.

nick collins should go to the pro bowl.

Mr.Man said...

Agreed about Collins. I heard some nimrod on Madison sports talk radio talking about how the Packers should have traded a second round pick for Tony Gonzalez. He said that he would trade any one of the guys that Thompson had picked in the second round for Gonzalez, excepting Jennings. Anyone who would trade Collins (who I think is 26) for a 32 year old Gonzalez is an idiot.