Monday, October 05, 2009

Quick Post-Debacle Thoughts

- Sorry, James Campen. You need to be fired. Like three weeks ago.

- Generally excellent run defense. But where the hell did the blitzes go? When they were called they went nowhere.

- Nick Barnett is awful on essentially every pass play.

- I predict Colledge will be okay. Just looked like a bad banging of the knee.

- However, I predict Will Blackmon is done for the year.

- Will Blackmon's injury problems are actually a good example of the problem of overrelying on young players-- you don't know which ones are durable enough to make it in the league. Blackmon has proven that he isn't. I think this may be a career-ender for him. Sad, because he was a fine punt-returner.

- Woodson was robbed. If that play stands, how much different is the game? If the Packers convert from the 1, how much different is the game?

- With the penalties (esp. Woodson's and Kuhn's non-existent hold) didn't it feel like the fix was in?

- Muffed punt aside, Jordy Nelson looks good. Jermichael is jerkick-ass.

- Clifton will come back after the bye. I predict Colledge will as well. I hope James Campen doesn't come with them.

- Now I know why every other NFL fan hates Favre. I am no longer apathetic. Boo forever until he apologizes for not retiring.

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