Thursday, October 29, 2009

D Day

The one decision Ted Thompson made that I still can't get over was the one to not give up a 3rd round draft choice for Randy Moss. We would have won a superbowl. Certainly. That is a serious black eye on his record, due to the way Randy Moss has continued to "tear up the N F L" since then. In Thompson's defense, Moss was awful for the Raiders with recurring hamstring issues, and Greg Jennings emerged the following season as an absolute star receiver. But it would have been glorious. I would have bought a jersey.
As far as Thompson's decision to transition to Aaron Rodgers following Favre's retirement and unretirement, he has my unending support and gratitude. Aaron Rodgers is playing unbelievable football right now. In the last three games he's completed 70 of 94 passes for 9 tds and 2 ints. And he gets the crap beat out of him. I could not be more excited to watch this guy run our offense for the next 10 years. Favre is my favorite player ever, but in all honesty, who's to say he'd have anywhere near this level of desire and passion if TT had just left him in there to go through the motions with the Packers. For everyone who says the Packers abandoned him, may I suggest that he was kind of done with the Packers. Would you imagine he would've made it through last year healthy with us? Either way he would have retired. Hurt or healthy. Him being 'wronged' by management is exactly what had to happen. In his mind, I'm sure its the reason he got hurt, and all the justification he needs to come back from the injury to play for the vikings. If he hadn't been treated so poorly by the Packers he wouldn't have gotten hurt and he wouldn't have had to play for the vikings. I'm sure. I guarantee he fantasized about handing the ball off to Adrian Peterson before he retired. Sometime right around when he lost the feeling in his face as he realized it was on him to win the NFC championship and take the Packers back to the superbowl.
Fine. Good for him. But all this talk about who was at fault is ridiculous. The way it went down was a gift to both sides. And by both sides I mean just Brett Favre. Favre needed this. If TT hadn't locked the door behind him, Brett wouldn't be 6-1 right now. He wouldn't still be being the ultimate legend's legend. He'd be rehabbing from shoulder surgery and we'd be blaming our offensive lines terrible play on the inexperienced Aaron Rodgers.
I'll feel good if the crowd cheers him on sunday. I'll also feel good if they boo him mercilessly. He brought a lot of money into the state. That's kind of a bottom line deal. You have to applaud that and you have to applaud his dependability and level of play. It's undeniably legendary. But if he gets to have fun playing, then I get to have fun rooting. That's what it's all about right? It's why we love to watch right? Well right now I'm having alot of fun hating Brett Favre. And I will continue to hate him until he stops wearing that awful uniform. I hated the vikings long before I idolized Brett Favre. So get body-slammed on your hillbilly face, old man. I'm sure you understand. Love ya'.
As far as the actual game goes on sunday, our defense looks to finally be in place. I think its good. Really good. And not just because they put up consistent fantasy points (sacks/turnovers/touchdowns). But it helps.
I think Clay Matthews is a stud. He also happens to have been chosen with the pick we traded the pick we traded Brett Favre for if I'm not correct. Our line play is solid (Johnny Jolly is having a probowl season) and our secondary sits and waits. Patient. Calm. honestly I'm anticipating a season defining performance out of a talented, well coached, well built defense. They've looked good against awful teams, but the defense has been new. The last 2 weeks they've given up 3 points. Its the NFL. Sooo. I understand it was cleveland and detroit, but I'm still excited. I think we win and I think our defense wins it for us. 2 picks, 3 sacks, 20 points. Pack wins. And covers. 27-20.

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rakeback said...

Im with you on the Moss trade. I thought the Packers could have gotten him for the same 4th round draft pick the Pats eventually gave up. Moss was very willing to play for the Packers, and even shared the same agent as Favre.