Tuesday, October 06, 2009

After 10 hours of reflection

- Favre is a self-obsessed douche. Even NPR gave him a twenty-second quote, in which he rhapsodized about how he went to church and prayed before the game. Now, after years of philandering, boozing, drugging, and being a spoiled ass, he's found God. Give me a flippin' break.

- Vikings fans-- I highly doubt he'll last the season, although Sage Jacksonfelds would have looked great with that much protection.

- If the teams' switch offensive lines, the Packers dominate that game.

- The Vikings have a top-ten left tackle in McKinnie, and a top-five left guard in Hutchinson. All of their other guys are either rookies or replacement level guys. But the Packers couldn't get any pressure, even when operating against the weak side of the Vikings' line. This shows that coaching matters. Maybe if you just switched the teams' offensive line coaches, the Packers win. The Vikings have Jim Hueber, who was Wisconsin's offensive line coach for a decade, from 1995 to 2005. Think of all the great linemen he produced. At least three first-round draft picks (Gibson, McIntosh, Thomas). Hueber has almost 40 years of coaching experience. Compare that to James Campen, who was a solid player, but has very little experience, and was coaching at a high school four years ago. Ridiculous. (Hat tip-- Bob McGinn in a recent Packer Insider article.)

- As Randy mentioned, Rodgers held onto the ball far too long, far too many times. He should have run more. He generally seems to be holding the ball too long when the Packers are running limited patterns and holding guys back to pass protect. Thus, there aren't a lot of options down the field, and he waits, hoping someone's going to get open. Just run for a few yards or throw the ball away. (I wonder if after last game, McCarthy tried to talk him out of running so much.) He needs to get a clock in his head.

- I think Rodgers has been sacked more in the past four games than Favre was for the entirety of the 2007 season. What's the NFL record for sacks allowed through four games? Seriously, the Packers have got to be close.

- Rushing the passer, for both sides, that's what it came down to. Favre was able to convert a ton of third downs because he had all day. The offense was in fits and starts because Rodgers either had no time or nobody open. Ugh. Thank goodness the bye is here.

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