Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Bucky Heads to the Horseshoe

So the Badgers are 5-0. They are heading into a battle against Ohio State for a game, which (collect yourself) is for the lead in the BigTen. If the Badgers win this game, they are well-positioned to LEAD the BigTen.

The best part is, this Ohio State team is beatable. We can matchup with this version of the Ohio State EchoChamberHeads.

Our D-line is coming together and we have a rotation. A D-line rotation. It's so nice to have one of those. By now, Badger fans are on to JJ Watt, and they should be recognizing the standout year from O'Brien Schofield. But how about Nzegwu? That kid can run, and he looks like a DE.

Our O-line appeared to come together running the ball. This could be due to some continuity forming, but it could also be that we just know how to put the Gophers in the mindtrap and run all over them. I LOVE to see us run the ball so forcefully. We run 6 plays in a row, and then all of a sudden guys on the other team don't wanna get up from the turf and its injury timeout time. Old school Badgers bodying people.

This leads us to the RB position. Clay needs to get worked into a game. He gets stronger as the game goes on. SO we obviuosly need a #2. Zach Brown has been a disappointment, and his terrible fumble PLUS his terrible "challenge that! I was down!" when he was clearly lying. I didn't need to see the replay to know he was lying. I knew when they showed the replay it would show a fumble and it did. Not even that close. Bottom line, when you fumble in a huge situation you take ownership of it, you don't act like a child. Zach acted poorly and I am convinced it impacted his oncoming demotion.

So this leads us to the enjoyably named Montee Ball. Montee will get his shot on the BIG stage this Saturday. Hopefully he can relax on his way to the hole, allowing him to use his gifts on the way out of the hole. In his few carries against Minny, he was nervous and it shrunk his vision.

I hope we continue to throw it around in the first quarter. I love throwing early and pounding them late. Also, Ohio State does not fuck around with the schemes. They have routinely challenged us with 8 and 9 in the box. After 5 games of film on us, maybe they believe in our passing attack, but probably not. Let's throw it early and run it late. We can push them around man on man, I have seen it before.

McFadden and St. Jean are not great tacklers, its noticeable. We Need them to tackle better against Terrelle Pryor. If we can contain Pryor on 3rd down, I like our chances on defense.

So the BigTen title is on the line on Saturday. Get your game face on Badger fans! Let's Go!


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