Thursday, March 01, 2007


Is what i say. Streamlizzled. With Brian Butch gone, the badgers are a better team. I feel bad saying it. Wait, no i don't. The biggest weekness of our team has been inconsistant play in the low post. Brian Butch is the most inconsistent player on the team (tied with Kamikazi). Stiemsma, Chappell and Landry getting more minutes, will help the team more than not having Butch will hurt it.
The rebounds will be missed, but the field goal and free throw percentages wont. Not to mention how irritating it is that Brian Butch only has 14 blocks (he's 7 ft. tall, he plays 20 minutes a game).
Butch shoots %48 from the floor and %59 from the line. Stiemsma; %54 and %74, Chappell; %45 and %64, Landry; %52 and
%59. Granted, Butch shoots 3's, but Landry shoots them better (%34 vs. %44), and Stiemsma shoots deep 2's. They all play better defense than Butch.
Obviously it never hurts to be deep, but watch the energy that these guys play with knowing that they wont get pulled over a touch foul. Especially Stiemsma. For christssake the guy d'd up Sean May and for some reason got sat the whole second half. He's never been Ryan's boy, now he has to be. I'm excited. He's an animal.
All year we've had a 10 (sometimes 11) man rotation. At times it has killed momentum and hurt chemistry. Now our boys can relax and play ball. physical ball. And we wont have to watch Butch run the NCAA's slowest spin move into defender's chests anymore.
Against bad teams Butch was our best center, against good teams he was our worst. I know his best game was against Pitt, but Gray and Kendall play D like its the allstar game (and don't forget, Gray was sick ;).


Anonymous said...

Wrong. If Butch hurt the team, he wouldn't have been playing. Did you see how far people sagged off of Chappel? When that happens, no one scores down low. Stiemsma is awesome but has no post moves. Landry is a small forward.

Butch was also the most efficient rebounder in the league according to the Wonk. Quit hatin'

The man they call Craig said...


The man they call Craig said...

small forward? you know we're talking about college basketball right?

Anonymous said...

You know they passed a rule where NBA prospects can't go directly from high school anymore, right?

Marcus is a small forward in that brave new world.

The man they call Craig said...

so... because we play against greg oden twice, everyone in the MVC is all of a sudden bigger? you're an idiot. in that "brave new world" landry can still post up anyone and d up %90 of the centers in college b ball. he is technically a power forward. he never plays the 3. Maybe once last week in columbus, but i understand if thats the first game you watched.
6'7 225. and he's the best leaper on the team.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Is that why Landry didn't break Alando's team vertical jump record?
Did I miss him posting up Oden or Hunter or Sims or even Luber, the Iowan with the skinniest legs on the planet? No wait, I didn't. You'd like to think that he can post people up because he has an on-again/off-again neckbeard and he's two babies' daddy. But there's no pudding, son! And that's where the proof would be.

Further demonstration that your derogatory theory on Butch is "wrongheaded", from a native Fort Akinsonian, no less:

Suck it, Trebek.

The man they call Craig said...

pound for pound, landry's the best jumper. great, you and the nerd from cnnsi agree that our season is over. don't be negative, nelly. i like to think that we can finally bang.
pudding will be served all month.

Mr.Man said...

Dude. Butch did some things well and will be missed. Chappell, because he apparently does not have the green light to shoot when open unless the shot clock is running out, is about 50% offensive liability.

I see the lack of Butch helping Stiemsma the most because, as you said, he won't be worried about getting pulled after drawing a foul or two. It seemed to help against Oden, because I thought he played excellent aggressive defense.

Anyhow, I don't think anyone's saying the "season is over" because Brian's out. We're just not better.

Also, you better get your Butch-hatin' out of the way. Here's a little prediction-- Butch will lead the team in scoring and rebounding next season.

Now everyone should trade in their breakfasts for a Dannon Frusion Smoothie already.

The man they call Craig said...

he's definately going to lead the team in angry faces