Thursday, March 01, 2007

I'll never ask for anything else ever.

As for Randy "next time i'll shake my dick" Moss possibly becoming a packer, i haven't been more excited about anything Green Bay since we fired Mike Sherman. I want this like I wanted Vince Young. Not because he's that good anymore, but because he's Randy Moss. I liked him when he was a viking. I imagine I'll have to keep tabs on my manhood if he becomes a Packer. It's real life fantasy football. Its The Green Bay southern pride Dick Droppers starring Favre and Randy. please! Pleeeaaase! Mr. Man, It has to happen. Yes. Yes it does.
In the 'just keep playing so we don't have to deal with you being gone' twilight of Brett Favre's career, sucking with Randy Moss would be a new low. However, it is irresistably sexy. And we wouldn't suck. He'd make us much better. Even if he has lost a step, he's better than he's played in Oakland at any point over the last 3 years. There, he played for ridiculous coaches, and with quarterbacks that wouldn't start for the Badgers. Here, he would definately burn up the vikings (twice), he wouldn't have to be the best reciever on the team and he love's to put W's "up on Lamboo field". He has to wear 84 though.
Please. Anyone against the idea should just think back to the 8 seasons he played for the Queens. How many 'what if we had him' conversations did you have? It'd be worth him busting just to see him in a Packer helmut. Randy Moss. We could have him. I don't care if he only has 20 catches. 8 of them will be touchdowns. I guarantee it. I wouldn't care if he was coming out of retirement. He'd snap once. What if he snaps at soldier? What if he snaps in the playoffs? SNAP!!
Plus he talks southern. Him and Favre would be homies. Favre could put some rims on a lawn mower for him. I swear to god i have the Packer proshop in my phone and I'm ordering a jersey the second it goes down.

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