Tuesday, March 06, 2007

What do Ohio A&M, Syracuse, Florida, and Rafael Nadal Have in Common?

They're all contractually committed to wearing short pants!
How is Ohio A&M going to make the Final Four wearing bloomers and skin tight tops? Do the 'Cuse and Ohio A&M think this new look will help them recruit European players? Or score European women on off-season trips? Won't the skin tight tops accentuate the love handles on Ohio A&M's Terwilliger or the scary twigginess of Corey Brewer? Hilarious. I may chart the performance of the applicable teams--the 'Cuse, Arizona, Florida, and Ohio A&M--after their imposition of said ridiculous uniforms. I promise to provide updates.
And who knows, given Nadal's record, particularly on clay, maybe there's something to the man capris:

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