Thursday, March 08, 2007


The 'Cuse appears to so far be 1-1 in the new unis, beating UConn yesterday and losing to Notre Dame today. About their expected performance level. However, the tops are nowhere near skin tight, as you can see below. They are definitely tighter than normal tank top jerseys, but they do not hug the torso. That is lame. The new unis are now far less amusing than previously hoped. If anyone sees anything different on Arizona, Florida or Ohio A&M, that is, notices that their jersey tops are legitimate second skins, let me know.

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Sal said...

As with the ugly skateboarding uninform of the 90s, the lower portion of these outfits will hanceforth be referred to as shants (sh'ants?). Ugly then, ugly now. Perhaps a team can go with spandex shorts and overly baggy shirts to balance out the amount of clothing on the court at one time.