Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Abatement of Mysterious Illnesses

Michael "Mikhail" Flowers has returned to the Badgers' Men's Basketball team. And again, the "we refuse to tell you anything about what the hell happened with him" policy is in effect. Privacy is sooo overrated. Any further thoughts about what the ailment might have been? Since the media apparently saw him playing pretty well in practice, it seems my prediction of mono is off. (You wouldn't be dominating practice two weeks after coming down with mono.)

The male basketballing Badgers play their first "game" of the season this Sunday night. I'm using air-quotes when referring to this as a "game" because it's an exhibition, and it's against Edgewood College. Right, that teeny college that's hidden behind Edgewood High School on Madison's near West side. Since Edgewood High's enrollment is probably larger than its associated college, the "game" will likely be a near total beatdown. But still, it's the first "game" of the season for the Badgers men's team, and thus something to celebrate. And, it's being broadcast on the Big Ten Network on Sunday night, at 8 pm, I believe. This means I can watch Keaton Nankivil dunk for the first time in a Badger uniform from the comfort of my very own futon. And so can you, if you own a futon and have a TV service that has caved in to the Big Ten Network's exorbitant demands. If it turns out to be a rough weekend football-wise (which it could be, since the Badgers and Packers are playing against good teams in two of the toughest venues around), Wisconsin sports fans should have something to ease their minds come Sunday night.

Honestly, this should be a great sports weekend. The Badgers are huge underdogs at #1 Ohio State in a 11 am Saturday game, so a win there would be fabulous gravy. The Packers play at the Chiefs at Noon on Sunday, and hopefully re-enact Super Bowl I on their butts, then that game is immediately followed by Colts-Pats. Then a two hour break until the UW Men's Basketball team opens its season. Hoo-wah!


Papa Sal said...

I predict an ingrown toenail.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking some sort of quickly cleared up STD.