Friday, November 23, 2007

Dream Season week 12.

The best part of the game today besides the GOO GOO Dolls was easily Roy Williams' first down celebration when they were down 24 (?) - 9. He walked ten feet out into the field so that he could let us all know what he had done. I mention the walk because I would think that in that ten feet he would have had plenty of time to just calm down, and think clearly:

'hey, i'm glad I just did that, and I want my team to win, but we are losing badly and it's the only thing I've done today- ok I'm just walking here... Just walking.

Aaron Rouse (featured here on camp lambeau last sept.) should be a starter. Yet another exciting young athlete on our DST (start them on both my fantasy teams, highly recommended). We have the bears D from 3 years ago.

It's hard being snoop d o DOUBLE-D. Donald Driver What! Jesus would i love to see him make Rodney Harrison look old.

Korey Hall has played terrific all year. Pro-bowl good. He has made a play on every single rushing touchdown we've had this year. 3? Seriously, he gets into holes and makes them bigger. He clears lanes. The snow plow. You know a season is going well when you find yourself giving nicknames to the fullback.

I would say that Tremon Williams catching their return at the 20 was the play of the game but it isn't like we might have lost. Actually our D probably could've used the break. Still, great play. Great closing speed.

And there were 20 plays of the game... in a row.

Tony Romo looks like Ralphie May after a stomach staple and Terrel Owens talks like he's reading his first book without pictures. Begrudgingly. Let's exercise some demons.

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Randy Moss said...

and motherfuck texas stadium. jerry jones is a woman in mens clothing and skin and bone structure. his surgeries have made him look like a 65 year old house wife that ran out of things to shop for.