Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Michigan, what are you good at these days?

When your school sucks, you love to go to Madison for road trips. That's why Michigan fans come in hoards, for a true college experience. None of the Michigan girls looked good. One of the strange things about Chicago is that the school with the ugliest girls (Michigan) somehow has the hottest girls at the all-Michigan bar in town (Duffy's). I have no explanation for this.

The pants Michigan wore for the game were atrocious. I have never seen such fairy looking pants. They were fluorescent. They were highlighter yellow. They were "I took two mutli-vitamins and now my piss looks like the wolverines pants" yellow. They were so yellow that that Tom Cruise would have felt gay. I mentioned this to every loser in Michigan colors at the game. Nice pants. Whatever happened to your program. It's like how the Vikings went from semi-respectable purple to "Gem Synergy Unicorn Pride Power" purple. Michigan did the same thing but with yellow. The pants were gayer and yellower than the prince in Braveheart.

During the 3rd Quarter, a police officer hiked up to T-66 and confiscated a cow bell from a Badger fan. Nobody could believe it. It took us about 10 seconds to digest what had just happened and shout that "WHAT THIS SECTION NEEDS IS MORE COWBELL!

But seriously, who confiscates a cowbell in the Dairy State?

Leaving the game everyone was relieved that we could make fun of all the wolverines. The best was a guy on his porch on Randall Court demanding to know what Michigan was now good at. What are you good at Michigan? What has become of your athletic department? Thanks for showing up. It's so good to beat them. So good.


Mr.Man said...

Their hockey team's pretty good.

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