Monday, November 19, 2007

New Developments

Some random tidbits:

-The Packers are under investigation by the league! A few defensive backs offered $500 bucks to the defensive line, if they kept Adrian Peterson under 100 yards rushing and the Panthers under 60 yards rushing. This violates NFL rules, apparently. Woodson and Harris are the likely culprits. Since this seems ridiculous, I doubt any punishment will be more than a wrist slap.

- In more troubling news, it looks like the wonderfully named Packers DT Johnny Jolly will be out for a few weeks with a shoulder injury. The woman and I were at Lambeau yesterday, and after Trammon Williams' hilarious squib punt return for a touchdown, I saw him walk off the field and be immediately attended to by trainers. That seriously dampened my celebration of the TD return. He's a very important player to the D-line both on running and passing plays (I believe he leads the team in passes batted down), and losing him for this next stretch is a serious loss. On the positive side, it's a chance for an apparently healthy Justin Harrell to show something. He and Colin Cole will likely get more time in Mr. Jolly's absence.

- Zach Brown was named Big Ten c0-offensive player of the week (sharing the award with the Ohio A&M's RB). A deserved honor and a fine way to cap off his first regular season. Well done, Zach.

- UW men's basketball is on the verge of being ranked. They're 26th in the USA Today Coaches Poll, that is, the first team among the "others receiving votes" and 29th in the AP. If they manage to beat Georgia next weekend, and a few teams ahead of them lose, they'll likely be in the Top 25 when they visit Duke.

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