Monday, November 12, 2007

Another Fabulous Weekend

UW beats Michigan for the second time in their last three meetings, allows no sacks, after giving up ten last weekend, and has three interceptions, a 100 yard rusher (Zach Brown), and two 100 yard receivers (Beckum and Hubbard). (I was in section P with the elder fool and two friends who were rooting for Michigan.) The Packers, as demonstrated by the classic post below, stomp the 'Queens 34-0, sweep the season series, hold manchild Adrian "F*$%ing A" Peterson to less than 50 yards rushing, and have Ryan Grant, a former undrafted free agent, rack up more than 100 yards rushing on the NFL's best rush defense. (Cue the Viking horn noise again.)

And then, to cap it off, the Wisconsin Men's Basketball team rallies from an 11 point deficit to pummel Indiana-Purdue Fort Wayne by about thirty points in their season opener, with super soph Trevon Hughes turning in an awesome performance, resulting in an absurd stat line-- 25 points, 5 rebounds, 5 assists, 6 steals, and 1 block, with only two turnovers. And that line doesn't count passes that led to other players drawing fouls (there were several) or fouls he drew (at least five). Majerus may have been right when he said on air last season that Hughes would be the best player on several other Big Ten teams. And Hughes is a perfectionist. Regarding his two turnovers-- "I think that's terrible as a point guard. Coach Bo Ryan explained to me that he needs me on the court and I can't turn the ball over. Two times? I'm surprised I didn't come out." Instead, he played 34 minutes, more than anyone else on the team. Flowers played 30 minutes, and Trevon and Mike dominated the last three quarters of the game. Those two guys look like a defensive force. Plus, they're both so quick and such good athletes (former high school quarterbacks who could have played D-I football) that they accelerate the pace of the game. Seriously, I'll be very surprised if UW isn't a noticeably faster-paced team this season, with Hughes and Flowers handling the ball more. Despite the Dick Bennett era stereotype of slow basketball, Bo will embrace whatever method is most efficient offensively, and with Trevon and Mike flying down the court, laying in baskets and drawing fouls, I'm guessing that's going to be pretty efficient for most of the season. Plus, Butch dominated against the smaller team, throwing in 24 points, all from short range, and Stiemsma had several hilarious blocks.

All in all, a wonderful weekend for Wisconsin sports (sorry Milwaukee Buck fans). Keep it coming!

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